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Salesforce CPQ is a tool released by SalesforceCRM specifically designed to aid sales teams in optimizing their operations. CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote and it is exactly what it enables sales representatives to do. It provides them the ability to quote accurate pricing with any specific product configuration criteria. There are numerous aspects that have to be considered while quoting a price, such as optional features, quantity, discounts, and customizations. The Salesforce CPQ provides the functionality to consider all of these aspects and dramatically increases the accuracy of the quote. In addition, the fact that the software is cloud-based hosted on the Salesforce Sales Cloud also synchronizes with the CRM to maximize the overall functionality.

Let’s dive in deeper and see how Salesforce CPQ can have an impact on the overall output of your business.

Improved Time Management

Salesforce CPQ greatly reduces the wasted time for the sales teams, meaning now the team members can spend more time catering to leads and hence be more productive. This is done by eliminating bottlenecks such as getting in touch with the development team for an estimate. Now you have everything you need to give an accurate quote at your fingertips. 

In addition to this, Salesforce CPQ offers the functionality for the users to quote more accurate pricing depending on the specific requirements of the client. Different pricing features such as configurations, customizations, add-ons, and discounts are incorporated in Salesforce CPQ. This greatly reduces the back and forth communication between the sales and product teams. As a result, this helps build the trust of clients and greatly enhances the output of the business. 

As a member of the sales team, the most important thing is to provide value to clients. This helps build trust within customers and spearheads the growth of the business. This is imperative as today’s market is highly competitive and building this trust and providing value to your customers can give your business the edge it needs to get ahead of competitors.

Salesforce Customization and Configuration

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Leaner Sales Workflows

Salesforce CPQ greatly enhances the sales process of your business. This is done by providing a singular platform to sales representatives that cater to all their and the customers’ needs. This eliminates most of the back and forth communication involving the clients as well as the production teams. This ultimately leads to a leaner sales cycle with increased productivity and functionality. 

Providing value to customers means solving their problems and answering questions they might have along each step of the sales cycle. For this purpose, the members of the sales team must be fully equipped with all the technical knowledge of the specific industry. This includes technical insights into more complex products or the supply chain side of the industry. In this case, Salesforce CPQ becomes a feasible option as the product specifications and configurations are directly programmed into the platform. Salesforce CPQ gives salespeople the ability to ask the right questions and offer specializations, add-ons, or complex configurations. All of this helps to result in bigger deals than before ultimately maximizing the output of your business.

Increased Sales

Excessive back and forth communication regarding configurations and quotes wastes both the buyer’s and the sales team member’s time. This decreases the confidence in the company ultimately damaging the reputation of the company. Salesforce CPQ greatly helps resolve this issue as it minimizes the time wasted in communication. The buyers are more satisfied as they now receive instant answers to all their questions. Moreover, with more time on their hands, the members of the sales team can focus on other customers and close more deals at the same time. All of this dramatically enhances the output of the business regarding revenue and sales targets.

Summing Up!

Salesforce CPQ offers the ultimate solution for all your sales team’s tasks. It empowers them with the technical knowledge they need to quote accurate prices. This results in an increase in the trust on the customer’s side. Integrating Salesforce with an accounting application can greatly streamline the current workflow. The faith in your company ultimately leads to a better business reputation, growth, and overall output. Moreover, the fact that Salesforce CPQ is just a small part of the entire cloud-based Salesforce ecosystem gives you all the more reason to incorporate CPQ if you’re already using Salesforce. All of this ultimately gives you the ability to push your business to new heights and possess the edge it needs to get ahead of your competitors.

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