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AWS Lamda

AWS Lambda is a revolutionary type of service which allows you to run any code you want, without managing servers. This extends to coding for all types of applications and backend processes, with no need to administer any changes. 

The process is simple, you just have to upload your code as a container image or even just a zip file. Lambda will run your code and allocate resources to it as it needs them, prepared for unknown levels of traffic. Code can also be executed from any mobile or web application, and even automatically from over a hundred AWS services. You can also run it in response to modifications to Amazon S3 buckets, updated tables in Amazon DynamoDB, state transitions in Amazon Step Functions, and much more. 

Once uploaded, your code is dubbed as a Lambda Function and is made ready for scaling. The amount of scaling is decided in response to the velocity of incoming events. 

AWS Lambda Features

Connect to Amazon RDS Proxy

Manage your connection pools of relational databases with Amazon RDS Proxy. This allows for the building of Lambda applications that need to interact with said databases. By using the AWS Lambda console you can use RDS Proxy for serverless applications for high scalability and security. 

Shared File Systems Connection

Lambda makes use of Amazon Elastic File System, where you can view and edit large amounts of data at scale. The code gets simplified because you don’t have to write it to download data to temporary storage for processing. With the time you can save via this, you can start focusing solely on your business logic. Elastic File System is great for making machine learning applications, processing lots of data, and loading large reference models.

Add Custom Logic to Other AWS Services

AWS Lambda enables add your own custom logic to other AWS services. These include the buckets of Amazon S3 and the tables of Amazon DynamoDB. This makes data computation much easier when it is entering or traveling through the cloud. 

Provide Your Own Code

AWS Lamda does not require you to learn any more programming languages and frameworks than you already know. You can package code as a Lambda Layer, which allows sharing across other functions. For native use in Lambda, Powershell, Go, Node.js, C#, Java, Ruby, and Python can work. Other languages require the AWS Lambda Runtime API in order to function.

Fine-tuned Performance

A feature of AWS Lambda, Provisioned Concurrency, gives you more control over your cloud applications. It keeps functions highly responsive and ready to go at a delay of only milliseconds. The concurrency is customizable for specific applications. You can make the level high, low, or just turn it off completely when there is very little demand. 

Implementing Provisioned Concurrency does not require you to make any code changes. Leverage this feature to boost the performance of the applications that are susceptible to latency, without your own resource management. 


Only pay as per your execution when using AWS Lambda with no payment in terms of servers used. Lambda functions only take into account the computation time and overall requests fulfilled, there are no hidden charges. Provisioned Concurrency also has charges based on the level of concurrency and the time it takes. 

Even the billing for these is accurate to milliseconds, which means you can be flexible with how many requests you handle. 

Automatic Administration

Lambda takes away the need to update the operating system underneath when a new patch is released. It also takes away the need to scale up on your own as usage starts growing. Through Amazon CloudWatch, all the code deployment, security patches, monitoring, and maintenance for your Lambda are automated. AWS Lambda frees you to build back-end services due to the efficient management of all the tolerant infrastructure.

Over to You

AWS Lambda is a hassle-free way to get your code up on the AWS Cloud. Not having to manage your own compute resources is the best way to code. Server management can be time-consuming and costly, taking that away makes the process much smoother. Moreover, paying as you go ensures that you only pay for exactly how much you use the service, which is accurate to milliseconds.

Get AWS Lambda now and take advantage of all of these amazing features.

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