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Just because you have built your eCommerce store does not necessarily mean that customers are automatically interested in your product. Sometimes the best way is to lead them into what you think they might enjoy using product recommendation tactics. Luckily for you, this won’t be based on manual decision making, Magento is a platform that can do just that for you. Through the power of artificial intelligence by Adobe Sensei, Magento will recommend the right products based on user behavior.

The importance of product recommendations cannot be overstated, having a good algorithm is essential to finally get a purchase. Customers may be browsing through products that are similar to what they want. However, until they see exactly what it is that they want will they finally take that final step. A good recommendation engine is what will achieve this and allow them to view exactly that.

Easy Ways to Recommend Products

Automatic Tagging

Your various storefront pages are automatically tagged on deployment, the tags are based on the development of previous pages. The development involved is not complex at all and requires no prior knowledge of coding and Magento website development. Once your pages are set up, Adobe Sensei immediately starts analyzing new traffic coming in. That is when the first stages of product recommendations truly start to take hold.

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is an industry-standard and recognized artificial intelligence that works its way into all Magento products. The Magento eCommerce platform utilizes its abilities to analyze consumer behavior and then learn from it with each iteration. There are a number of recommendation types it uses for product recommendations:


This is based on recommendations for the specific customer who is browsing and purchase history.

Content Similarity

This suggests products that lie in the same category or any other metric that shows it is similar.


This recommendation takes items that are viewed and/or bought by the customer heavily into consideration. Adobe Sensei then takes those factors and formulates the best possible items to show that can guarantee a purchase. 

Contextual Popularity 

Referring to what are the most popular items on your site, it will make a trending page. It will include the most viewed, most purchased, and most items that were added to the cart.

Streamlined Metrics and Workflow

Performance is made visible to you in Magento on how your recommendations are currently doing. As for workflows, it is easier to create and edit recommendations through the simplified and concise steps to follow. This is done via a single page that is streamlined and dedicated to the task. 

Recommendation Library

A large library of recommendation types is already made available from within the interface. You can leverage this and choose one for your type of business to get the best results on the platform. Deploying these across your storefront will personalize the experience for shoppers online and make them likely to comply. 

On the Cloud

Product recommendations are powered solely by Magento’s own cloud. This means that your own Magento Commerce servers will not be burdened by this feature. The result is a faster browsing experience for visitors to your website, which also increases returning visitors.

Integration with Magento Page Builder

Recently, Magento Product Recommendations has been integrated with Magento Page Builder. Recommendations you created can now be intuitively dragged and dropped alongside your content where you see fit. Basically, you can now treat your recommendations as standalone pieces of content and decide their placements. Leverage Page Builder to customize your Magento to suit your needs at even the most minute level.

Key Takeaway

So there you have it. Magento equips you with what you need to make it easier for customers to quickly reach a decision. Easily fine-tune the type of recommendations that are just right for your business. If you integrate Magento with a CRM, you can get even more detailed insights into how performance is. Prioritize your customer’s preferences and needs with this tool while tracking what they would need.

Use Magento Product Recommendations now to boost conversions!

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