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Magento Page Builder: an Essential Resource

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(Updated on June 2021)

[A useful Magento extension is Page Builder. It has pre-built dragging and dropping controls called “content types”. There is no coding required for end-users. For developers, content types will be used to customize Page Builder. These customizations are made to meet the end users’ needs.] 

One of the biggest factors that determine the success of an eCommerce platform is the online interface they provide. User-friendly web design can make or break a brand and can greatly affect the brand’s popularity. Companies strive to create the best possible online shopping experience for their customers so as to ensure customer retention and boost revenue. For this purpose, companies need to be directly involved with their web design teams so as to ensure that all their requirements are addressed.

In order to build a customized online platform according to the very specific needs of a business, it is important that the administrators have a direct, hands-on role in designing the user interface. This can be achieved easily by tools like the Magento Page Builder, which allows Magento eCommerce users to easily build their own online shopping experience without needing to involve complex development teams or even any coding.

This complete control over the website outlook is a big reason why Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there. With the help of the page builder tool, businesses can aim to employ effective marketing strategies and boost their sales. Let’s take a deeper look into the Magento Page Builder tool and find out how it benefits its users!

Page Builder Basics

The Magento page builder features some basic functionalities that enable users to easily create webpages according to their specific requirements. Some of these features include a drag and drop functionality for the creation of the actual content, the live preview option to view how the content might appear on the website, and form editors for editing and customizing content.

For users who do like to take the page builder tool one step further and are not wary of coding tasks, customizing the page builder is also an option. Users can extend existing content types and also create new content types. Extending content types include editing webpage layouts, banners, and content forms. On the other hand, the creation of new content types involve actions like adding new templates, components, styles, or forms. In either case, users are given complete independence when it comes to designing the layout and content of the interface.

Why Use the Magento Page Builder?

As discussed above, businesses feel the need to customize and personalize their eCommerce platforms so as to meet the needs specific to them. No two businesses operate on exactly the same idea and so no out-of-the-box eCommerce solution can truly address all their needs. The page builder tool helps businesses improve their sales and stay efficient in many different ways.

Take Charge of your Platform

One of the biggest advantages of the Magento page builder is that users can take control over the content as well as the appearance of their eCommerce platform. This allows users to execute their exact ideas and cut off any dependency on development teams. Without the option to build pages on their own, businesses usually have to rely on web developers to follow instructions and try to emulate the picture that the users have in mind. However, it is possible that many of these ideas are difficult to articulate or communicate. With the help of the page builder tool, businesses can leverage their knowledge about their product, as well as useful marketing strategies, to design their webpages in a way that interests their customer base. 

Save Time and Labor

The page builder tool comes equipped with features that allow employees to save both, labor and time when it comes to setting up a page. A dynamic block is an interactive feature that uses rich imagery and text to direct users towards a certain product or service. With the help of the Magento page builder, not only can users create a new dynamic block from scratch, but also duplicate existing ones to save time when creating new content. If a duplicated dynamic block is used, it can also be edited. In this way, when designing web content, users do not need to design all their dynamic blocks from scratch.

With the help of in-line editing, users can make quick changes to their content. On top of that, content updates can be easily previewed live once they are done and publications can be set up to run as scheduled, without involving all the teams and therefore preventing any delays caused by inter-departmental dependencies. Employees can use their saved time and labor and focus on enriching the brand instead.

Create Dynamic Content

Having the tools that define your web content in your own hands is a great way to ensure that all the content is relevant, regularly updated, and is communicated through multiple content types. With a variety of tools available at their disposal, users can organize their content in the form of videos, images, banners, plain text, and much more. The information on the web pages can be constantly kept up-to-date and can incorporate details of products and services such as pricing, type, and availability. As a result, the content is always in touch with the actual business developments.

Tailor Your Experience

As discussed previously, the option to customize page builder tools is an added advantage that can be leveraged by tech-savvy business owners. Companies can also hire Magento-certified partners to customize their eCommerce platform and tailor the platforms according to their requirements. In any case, the ability to personalize the platform, complete with the webpages, can allow businesses to emphasize their own marketing strategies and enhance the value of their brand. 

Enhance Customer Experience

The ultimate goal of a carefully curated webpage is to provide customers with just the product they were looking for. Using customer information that has been accumulated by a business over time, users can make inferences on what type of products do users prefer to view or purchase and focus more on creating content in such a manner that directs users to the exact product they are looking for. This is best achieved by carefully examining the information at hand and keeping in mind useful marketing tips to keep the traffic flowing. 

Our Two Bits!

The Magento page builder is a useful resource when it comes to customizing your eCommerce platform on your own terms. With the ability to create and display content by themselves, users can promote just the right products and services to the right audience. Rolustech can help users customize their page builder using its Magento customization services to take their eCommerce experience one step further.

Interested? Rolustech is a full-service Magento e-commerce platform development firm and our experts can make sure your e-commerce platform serves your business in every way possible. Get in touch today for a FREE Business Analysis session!