SugarCRM Integration with Jira

SugarCRM and Jira Integration

SugarCRM brings with itself, among other features, the ability to be flexible and accommodating to its users. This includes SugarCRM customizations and integrations to allow businesses to tailor their CRM experience according to their needs and incorporate third-party software as a means of increasing the platform beyond its basic functionalities. One way to do so is to integrate SugarCRM with Jira. 

Jira is a software tool mostly used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. As a work management tool, Jira keeps track of projects in various phases of planning, building, and launching them. With the help of the platform, communication amongst employees can be streamlined and work efficiency can be improved. This, in turn, allows businesses to achieve greater revenue and enhance customer retention.

Integrating SugarCRM with Jira can yield great benefits to users. Other than the ability to share data between the two platforms, the integration can help users monitor Jira from within Sugar. Apart from that, a separate dashlet within the Sugar platform can be used to view issues in Jira and keep track of the overall progress made.

With so much to benefit from SugarCRM’s integration with Jira, it follows that it is one of the top SugarCRM integrations out there. Let’s explore the benefits that the integration yields in detail.

Track Jira from within SugarCRM

By integrating the two platforms, users can update data in Jira from within Sugar. Information such as alerts, reminders, and client details get automatically updated and are displayed within the CRM platform. This saves users the time to log onto separate platforms and manage the two in parallel. All current Jira issues are visible, including their respective project and assignee reporting details. On top of that, users can conveniently create new Jira issues from within SugarCRM and assign them to the users in question. 

Create Custom Jira Dashboards

One way to seamlessly manage Jira from within the CRM is to create custom Jira dashboards that enable employees to get a quick and efficient overview of the issues currently active in Jira. The dashboard can be used to display the issues with respect to account details, type, or even priority. Users can be notified of any critical issues immediately. This saves them a considerable amount of time and labor that would otherwise go towards keeping track of the Jira software separately.

Separate Dashlet on Homescreen

Building from the custom dashboard idea, it is also possible for SugarCRM users to create a separate dashlet focused on Jira. The dashlet is displayed on the home screen of the CRM so that users can keep tabs on the open issues as well as their priority. Any cases that are high priority or are due soon are labeled appropriately so that users never miss a crucial date. A dashlet view enables SugarCRM users to keep track of the business performance on Jira’s end, without having to worry about periodically visiting the Jira platform separately to stay informed.

Custom Jira Time Billing Module 

Some Jira and SugarCRM integrations allow for a more streamlined time billing process for employees. The module has the potential to keep track of the billable hours of all the staff working for the business enterprise. The module can be interfaced with a browser and is guaranteed to be secure and accurate. This time invoicing system can calculate hourly rates, manage invoices, and generate reports, all of which is accessible from within the SugarCRM. All this is done to maintain a streamlined workflow that is easily maintained and cannot be disrupted by human error. 

Keep Employees on the Same Page

Having crucial information available to all employees across the company, the integration serves to keep various departments on the same page about the business operations. The teams working on development and project management via Jira can get in touch with the sales team through the integration. The inter-departmental data sharing allows the teams to have a full 360-degree view of the customers and all the important customer data present in the CRM would be available to all teams so that the data can be leveraged to boost sales in Sugar as well as increase the efficiency of the business.

Build Better Customer Relationships

With a large amount of customer data pooling in from both the platforms, businesses can aim to understand customer behavior much more accurately. This bi-directional data sharing allows users to create a more effective sales strategy that is also efficient and ensures customer satisfaction. The integration also lets users stay up-to-date with the latest issues in Jira so that any problems encountered when dealing with clients are resolved in a timely manner. Setting priority ranks on issues allow employees to get back to those customers who have been awaiting support for longer, or have crucial issues that need immediate attention. All this allows the business to grow and gain a wider customer base that is likely to use the services of the business again. 

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