Unveiling the Top Features of Salesforce Inbox: Enhance Productivity and Efficiency

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Salesforce Inbox

Businesses tend to spend quite a lot of time switching between their CRM platform and their email applications. For all day-to-day business activities, employees need to keep a constant eye on the email as well as the Salesforce CRM data. This leads to severe inefficiencies, as employees must handle duties such as emailing prospective leads, scheduling and attending meetings, updating opportunities, and logging activities, all at the same time.

With the help of Salesforce Inbox, however, users can attempt to bring these two platforms together to make a more cohesive and efficient work plan. Salesforce inbox allows commonly used email applications, such as Outlook and Google, to merge seamlessly with the CRM platform so as to allow users to navigate both the platforms without missing out on crucial data or feeling overwhelmed. Integrating Salesforce Inbox with the CRM platform is definitely one of the top Salesforce Integrations out there.

So what benefits are businesses set to gain from using Salesforce Inbox? And how does Inbox ease up the day to day activities of the employees? Let’s explore!

Increased Email Productivity

Employees of a business can achieve more if they are able to take crucial steps to further sales, directly from within the email platform. With Salesforce inbox, users can do just that. Actions like email tracking, shortcuts, and insert availability allow users to take direct actions and engage their customers when right when they are available to move further with the business in question. This eliminates the need to constantly reach out to the leads, write emails, and organize meetings with a nonresponsive lead. Salesforce Inbox seamlessly integrates with popular email clients like Outlook and Gmail, making it effortless to access all the essential features within your inbox.

Conduct Sales right from the Inbox

Without having to leave the inbox, users can manage sales and convert leads thanks to Salesforce Inbox. Useful data from the CRM can be displayed alongside relevant emails from respective contacts. This CRM data can be used to make inferences about the contact and allow users to make quick decisions about taking the communication forward, without having to visit the Salesforce platform separately. Older, relevant emails are also displayed to give users an idea of the contact history. With the CRM display within the inbox, users can keep an eye on the customer data as the conversation with the clients progresses. Whether you use Salesforce Inbox for Outlook or Gmail, this smoothly integrates with your email client, providing a centralized platform to manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions. With easy access to Salesforce records, you can update deals, track progress, and nurture relationships without leaving your inbox.

Automatically Fetch Relevant Data

Apart from the availability of the CRM data directly within the email application, users can also fetch client information from various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This enables the sales team to get a better picture of the client and get a full understanding of the context of the relationship with them. As a result, users can use just the right approach to convert leads or move the relationship with an existing client forward. Add to that the previously discussed email tracking functionality and the users are left with every possible opportunity to boost their sales and establish a lasting relationship with their clients.

No longer will you have to toggle between your email and CRM system to search for customer details or update records manually. With this feature of the Salesforce Inbox, critical information about leads, contacts, and opportunities is readily available within your email client, allowing you to respond swiftly and make informed decisions on the spot. This seamless integration enhances your efficiency, keeps your data up-to-date, and ensures a more productive sales process.

Sync Activity in CRM

With the help of the intelligent Salesforce Inbox platform, users don’t need to keep the CRM constantly updated using manual labor. The intelligent tool directs the users to log useful information such as email correspondence, calendar invites, and call history, in the right places, and at the right time. As a result, the Salesforce platform is constantly updated and users across the organization have access to the latest developments with respect to leads, sales, and the pipeline. With the latest and accurate data available to the organization, users can then plan ahead and forecast future endeavors.

The automatic logging of all communication activities results in a comprehensive and up-to-date record of every customer engagement, leaving no valuable interaction overlooked. This enhances team collaboration, as all members have access to the latest customer information, fostering a cohesive and customer-centric approach. With the convenience of the mobile app, you can stay connected and productive on the go, ensuring your CRM activity remains in sync no matter where you are. By setting up Salesforce Inbox to enable this feature, you streamline workflows, improve communication, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately boosting sales productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services

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Convenient Calendar Tool

The calendar tool enables users to keep track of their meetings and schedules, both via desktop, as well as on the go, thanks to the user-friendly mobile application. Users can schedule invites and share them with other members of the organization, as well as with clients. For each upcoming client meeting, the app also displays relevant user data from the CRM, thereby keeping users informed about details of each lead and its status. 

On top of that, event invitations received via email can be synced with the Salesforce CRM calendar and reminders can be set up before upcoming meetings. The calendar is accessible via the mobile app so that users can keep up with their schedules while on the go. Meeting notes can also be attached to a particular event in the calendar. Additionally, new opportunities can be created from within the calendar application. Clients can easily schedule meetings as per their convenience by having direct access to the employee’s own calendar.

Work On-The-Go

The Inbox mobile application does not only help employees manage their calendar remotely but also keep track of their emails. With the CRM data also available with respect to relevant emails, users can find all the information they need about a particular client, from the convenience of their phones, thereby enjoying an efficient and uninterrupted communication channel established between the two parties. One of the standout features of Salesforce Inbox is its powerful mobile app, empowering professionals to work on-the-go seamlessly. This application also enables users to work remotely, a trend which is on the rise, and here to stay. As far as the Salesforce mobile applications go, the Inbox app is one of the most useful ones.

Integrate with Known Email Applications

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of Salesforce Inbox is the ability of the application to sync Salesforce CRM with well known and commonly used email tools, such as Outlook or Gmail. This saves users from the hassle of transitioning their email platform to one of Salesforce’s choosing and thereby losing crucial data during data migration. The integration allows users to quickly set up Salesforce Inbox and enhance the ease with which they conduct their day to day business.

The Bottom Line!

Salesforce Inbox is an amazing way to enhance productivity and ensure a smooth business operation in an organization. With the potential to bring all employees on the same page and cultivate lasting relationships with clients, the Salesforce Inbox is a perfect tool for all your business needs. Rolustech’s Salesforce integration services can be leveraged to tailor the integration of Inbox with your CRM, as per your exact needs. 

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