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Top 6 Salesforce Integrations to Up Your Business

The possibilities of leveraging Salesforce integration are endless. Salesforce isn’t just a customer relationship management platform but a complete business solution, as it can be integrated with numerous third-party software. Many companies have seen tremendous growth in their business by integrating all their business tools into a unified platform. In this article, we will talk about the top 6 Salesforce integration and how they can drive efficiency, boost productivity and accelerate your business revenues. 

So, are you ready to stay ahead of your competitors with the best Salesforce integration? Let’s not delay and explore which Salesforce integration are a must-have for your business!

HubSpot and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and HubSpot integration

Do you want to see your business growing at double the pace than your competitors? The solution lies in Salesforce integration with HubSpot. Never miss a lead and streamline your communication channels with HubSpot and Salesforce Integration. This includes all three software by HubSpot: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub. Without any technical hassle, you can sync your HubSpot Software and Salesforce to get deep insights into your leads along with robust and interactive reporting. 

Salesforce and HubSpot sync allows users to have a bi-directional approach. This means that each action starting from your email opens, clicks on call-to-actions and contact form submissions, etc are easily accessible anywhere and anytime at your fingertips. Moreover, you can get intelligent lead information with your HubSpot for lead scoring from all your Salesforce data to equip your sales team with the right information. 

This isn’t all as you can also bridge the gap between sales and marketing with Hubspot Salesforce Connector. The process involves nothing but just a few clicks. If your company uses Salesforce for sales pipeline management and HubSpot for marketing activities, you can easily go for Salesforce and HubSpot integration to boost efficiency. With contact information from Salesforce, you can have an accurate market segmentation and reach out to prospects with personalized marketing campaigns. Now, you won’t have to switch between the two platforms to gather data for marketing metrics and sales data. All in all, Salesforce and HubSpot integration is a must-have for a business to drive higher profits. 

Slack and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Slack Integration

For any company driving efficiency, it is important to streamline workflows. Slack lets you do just that. It takes team collaboration to the next level as it connects not just people but also tools. Moreover, you can streamline your communication channels within the company to boost productivity with Slack.

But how can you leverage Slack and Salesforce integration?

It is fast and easy.

Salesforce and Slack integration will remove bottlenecks in communication. So, if Slack is the primary productivity tool used in your company, you can easily search your Salesforce instance within your Slack and share the results. Moreover, Slack and Salesforce Chatter integration lets you communicate in real-time by sharing messages both ways.

Are you ready to streamline communication and supercharge productivity in your business with Slack and Salesforce integration? If you are looking to supercharge productivity in your company, get your Slack and Salesforce integration done with our Salesforce Integration Services.

Salesforce Integration & Customization Services

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SurveyMonkey and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and SurveyMonkey integration

Are you looking for ways to build better relationships with your customers and get more customer insights? Customer Feedback is quite important in delivering exceptional customer service, so you can turn shoppers into repeat consumers. 

While SurveyMonkey lets you get instant feedback, it is important to incorporate the results into your sales data and revamp your marketing campaigns accordingly. Now, if you use Salesforce as a unified database for your sales and marketing activities, you should go for SurveyMonkey and Salesforce integration.

So, how can you leverage SurveyMonkey integration with Salesforce?

Enrich your CRM database with feedback from any survey or forms from SurveyMonkey and just map them in your Salesforce. This will give you real-time customer feedback, so you can leverage it in your Salesforce through interactive reports and dashboards. The data from surveys in your Salesforce will let you strategize better and drive action according to the customer’s feedback. 

Marketo and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Marketo Integration

According to Salesforce, 67% of marketing leaders are using a marketing automation platform. One of the leading marketing automation platforms of the present times is Marketo. Now, if you are using Marketo and Salesforce marketing automation platforms to accelerate your revenues, there’s potential for cost optimization and exponential growth.

Together, Marketo and Salesforce integration can revolutionize your business with cost optimizing techniques. Here’s how:

Simply use the Marketo connector to integrate Marketo with Salesforce. This will let you effectively manage social media marketing, email marketing, and lead management- within your Salesforce platform. Thus, you will see a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns and close more leads by providing consumers a personalized experience.

Moreover, if you are looking for Salesforce Consultants to integrate Marketo with Salesforce, there is no better option than Rolustech. So, grab this opportunity right away to revolutionize your marketing efforts. 

MuleSoft and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and MuleSoft Integration

For a business to evolve, it is imperative to have integrated platforms to streamline the business processes. MuleSoft is a widely used platform for software integration and works amazing to fit your business needs.

With Salesforce and MuleSoft, you can connect all your platforms to instantly create a positive impact on your business. MuleSoft allows you to build a network of integration of business automation software, SaaS platforms, applications, and devices.  

Hence, Salesforce and MuleSoft integration will lead to business agility as it will bring all your software into a unified platform. So, are you ready to see every aspect of your business working in synchronization with each other?

Jive Salesforce Integration

Salesforce and Jive IntegrationCall customers with just a click rather than fumbling numbers to engage better with the clients. Jive is a cloud-based phone system that lets you make or take calls from anywhere and can be easily set up to take calls instantly and reduce expenses.

With Jive and Salesforce integration, you can take your communication up a notch. It allows you to click to call, takes notes on your CRM platform, track calls and phone time and filter missed calls to provide meaningful customer experiences. 

The Bottom Line!

Salesforce integration are just one way to make your Salesforce even better and supercharge your business growth. If you are looking to leverage your Salesforce fully, get in touch with us so we can take your business to the next level. Along with this, you can also go for Salesforce customization to mirror your business needs and stay ahead of your competitors! 

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