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Voice Assistant Technologies Alexa Custom Skill Development

Voice Assistant technologies are reshaping businesses at a pace unimaginable. People love talking to their software and tech gadgets to get things done with the power of voice.  Recent statistics by Dimensions Data show that 60% of the companies are keen to incorporate Alexa in their business processes in the next two years. 

At present, Alexa is recognized as the top voice assistant because its applications in business are diverse. Many companies are already ahead of their competitors as they are using Alexa for streamlining their business processes. Not only has it ensured a productivity boost but it also helps streamline the business processes. This is just one application of how artificial intelligence in business can take your company to the next level. 

Speed up your day to day tasks by fully leveraging Alexa for business. You can also integrate different software to this amazing Amazon AI assistant and get more work done with Alexa custom skill development.

The possibilities of customizing Alexa to scale up your business are endless. Just get a custom skill added to your smart assistant technology and get things done instantly!

We’ve outlined some of the best custom Alexa Skills in the market that can transform your workday and help you unlock your true business potential.

Best Alexa Custom Skills for Businesses 

Top 5 Alexa Custom Skills for Businesses

CRM Software Integration with Alexa

Businesses are focusing on delivering personalized customer experiences more than ever. Many companies already use CRM platforms while others are keen to implement CRM software in their business.

Now, to level up your business, you can get your CRM integrated with Alexa to interact with it and perform tedious tasks instantly with your voice. No wonder, the future of artificial intelligence and CRM will revolutionize customer experiences. 

For example, with Alexa custom skill development for CRM software, you can easily fetch answers to your queries without going through long reports. Additionally, you can also leverage RT SugarVoice plugin to schedule meetings on the go, take quick notes and get reminders for important tasks.

Podcasts and Video Conferences with Alexa Audio Skills

Never be late for a podcast or miss a video conference by leveraging custom Alexa skills. Drive efficiency in your business by saving time and simply commanding Alexa to start the podcast. You don’t need to go through the hassle of turning on your equipment as Alexa will do it for you!

Moreover, with Audio skill development in Alexa, you can sequentially play audio files hosted on a cloud platform. So, for any audio file that you need to listen to, just tell Alexa and it will be played instantly.

You just need the help of highly skilled Alexa developers who execute all the technicalities, so you can reap the benefits of the custom Alexa skill in your business.

Seamless Workflows with Updates and Reminders from Alexa 

Alexa can be leveraged to boost employees’ productivity with proper routine organization and task automation. It is important to keep track of daily activities and set reminders for tasks, phone calls, and email notifications when you are juggling multiple tasks at once.

Additionally, Alexa custom skill development for work will also allow users in your company to sign in to business applications and software without having to type in login credentials. Simply, tell Alexa to sign-in to the software and do your tasks smoothly.

Moreover, by adding custom skills to Alexa, you can get real-time notifications and talk to your Amazon voice assistant to streamline workflows.

Chat Notification Through Alexa Skill Integration with Tawk.To 

One of the best Alexa custom skill development is Alexa’s integration with Tawk.To chat platform. By getting this custom Alexa skill developed, you can get real-time notifications whenever a visitor starts a chat on your website.

Moreover, this Alexa integrated skill will also allow you to engage your customers through voice chat. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging voice search and engage with your customers to develop strong connections and accelerate business growth.

Website Monitoring with Alexa Custom Skill

For businesses, it is important to have their website updated and be sure that it is responsive. One of the best custom Alexa skills that many companies are leveraging is to provide status updates and reports regarding your website.

So, just ask Alexa about any issues or potential vulnerabilities that may arise or get updates on issues that Alexa pointed out.

Web Analytics with Alexa and Google Analytics 

Stay updated with all the data about your website to keep track of visitor’s behavior. An easy and simple way to get real-time website updates is by getting Alexa custom skills developed for Google Analytics.

With the Google Analytics skill, you can ask Alexa for data about website visitors, bounce rate and also get information about other metrics such as demographics, average session duration, and goals, etc. 

Get Shopify Insights on the Go with Alexa

eCommerce has revolutionized businesses by making transactions quick. For this, companies that use eCommerce platforms, need to be early adopters of the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Now, if you have Shopify powered eCommerce store, Alexa will make your business process efficient. The Shopify skill in Alexa will let you ask for daily, monthly or weekly updates of the store. 

Moreover, you can also get all the data about sales, orders, best-selling products, and average order value in a certain time period, etc. An example command could be “Alexa, ask Shopify about my monthly sales.”

The Bottom Line!

Voice-enabled technologies such as Alexa make life easier by leveraging voice to perform cumbersome tasks. With so much going on in the world of voice technology, we think it’s about time that you also leveraged Alexa to make your business efficient and gain a competitive advantage by getting things done with the power of voice. 

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