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Salesforce for Small Businesses

Managing a small business is definitely a tall order. With various aspects of the business process spread across the small number of employees, business owners are often left to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, be it customer service, sales, inventory management, or marketing. If not managed properly, this could lead to the breakdown of the business process or prevent it from achieving maximum efficiency.

In order to prevent these possibilities, small businesses need to invest in a useful CRM platform that can allow them to manage their business processes by eliminating any mundane, repetitive, or administrative procedures which could be automated, or at least made easier. CRM platforms such as Salesforce exist to serve this very purpose. 

Salesforce comes equipped with several features that enable it to cater to the needs of small business owners. Be it in the sales, services, or marketing departments, Salesforce comes with small business solutions that make it unique and the perfect solution for all your small business needs.

So what exactly makes Salesforce the CRM of choice for small businesses? Let’s dive in!

Convenient Sales Setup

The Salesforce setup is quick and easy, keeping in mind the fact that most small business owners do not have access to professional guides or installation services. With a step-by-step guide available to help users familiarize themselves with the platform, the setup assistant enables users to get started right away. 

Before the users know it, they are already on their way to streamline their sales and are engaging with customers. Once everything is set up and the sales process is underway, users can enjoy a full 360-degree view of everything from the prospective leads to the status of the pipeline.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

As with the expectation associated with CRM platforms, small businesses experience a boost in their customer retention rates and manage their existing customer base better with the help of a CRM. Efficiency increases when users do not have to spend too much time retaining a lot of data and sifting through it to get relevant customer details. With the help of a CRM, this data can be organized in such a manner that all the required information is consolidated in one place and is easily accessible with the help of a simple search.

The boost in customer retention is made due to the more personalized nature of customer dealings that arise from CRM platforms such as Salesforce. Each opportunity can be given attention at the right time and capitalized on so that it can be converted into a lead. Personalization is more effective for small businesses as they cater to smaller communities, and therefore build lasting relationships with customers. 

Streamline Marketing Strategy

Small business owners need help expanding their marketing platform in order to get a wider customer base. This can be achieved by leveraging the CRM platform to get a good sense of which leads to pursue. Additionally, users can streamline their pipeline and use automated nurture tracks to turn cold leads into prospective leads ready for sale. Better marketing email campaigns can also be run thanks to Salesforce Pardot. Pardot also enables users to capture leads online without any HTML expertise.

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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User Guidance Readily Available

Apart from the initial guide for the setup of the CRM platform, users can avail many more Salesforce support services to help them navigate their platform and utilize it to the best of its capabilities. With the help of the Trailhead community, users can find in-depth and detailed answers to all questions ranging from the ways to navigate a CRM platform, all the way to using specific modules and functionalities. 

Small business owners can also use Trailhead as a means of learning about the broader topics when it comes to sales, marketing, or challenges that come with being a business owner. The learning process is made engaging and fun by allowing participants to earn badges and compete in challenges.

Compatibility With Third-Party Applications

Applications that are already under use by small business owners can be easily integrated into the Salesforce platform. One of the most popular integrations is the G Suite integration with Salesforce that allows users to import their calendars, emails, and data seamlessly. The AppExchange is another trove of third-party applications that can be easily integrated into the Salesforce platform to enhance the capabilities of the platform. From adding payment modules to accounting softwares and incorporating communication platforms, users have their fair share of choice available to them.

Automation Made Possible With AI

With the help of AI tools available in Salesforce, users can automate many manual procedures such as data entry. With the help of Salesforce Einstein, users can work smarter and spend time on more important tasks that aim to take the business further. The AI helps keep all the customer data up-to-date and allows for automatic data entry through syncing of calendars and contacts. As a result, users can reduce the time, effort, and labor spent in doing these tasks manually.

Variety Of Pricing Options

Salesforce allows users to choose various CRM pricing options depending on their budget and in line with the scale of their operations. Lower pricing options allow fewer contacts and leads to be managed at a time. As the business grows, the CRM platform can grow along with it, due to its scalable nature. With higher pricing options, come better functionalities, such as the Salesforce Einstein.

How Can We Help?

Rolustech offers small businesses the ability to tailor their out-of-the-box CRM platforms according to their needs. No two businesses have the same needs and similarly, they cannot perform optimally with similar CRM platforms. Be it customizing the already existing platform, or integrating a third-party application, Rolustech’s team of experts can help improve your Salesforce experience without compromising on quality. Leverage our Salesforce Customization expertise today!

Rolustech is an Official Salesforce Partner firm and has completed several projects in Salesforce Integration, Customization, Implementation, and more. Contact us now for a FREE Business Analysis. We will be glad to assist you!