Salesforce Evergage Acquisition: The Expected Impact on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce is growing fast and is acquiring platforms that will help improve its products and provide the best customer experience. Recently, Salesforce created a lot of buzz when it acquired Evergage, a customer data platform company that is expected to enhance the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What is Evergage?

Evergage is a customer data platform that helps provide real-time personalization. With the rising competition, it’s more important than ever to engage your customers, understand their preferences and create meaningful relationships with them.

Evergage provides its users with a unified and comprehensive view of their customers. It helps you dig deep into your customer data and track critical customer metrics. This has made it easier than ever to understand who your customers are, understand how they engage with your business and determine their interest in your products and services. Moreover, Evergage utilizes data to determine the user intent so you can nurture sales leads and deliver personalized customer experiences.

The Impact On Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The acquisition of Evergage by Salesforce is expected to transform how Salesforce helps its users make the most of their customer’s data. So, let’s dive in to learn more about it. 

Leveraging Customer Data

This acquisition seems to be changing how customer data is leveraged to engage customers in a better way through Salesforce Marketing Cloud and understand their preferences. Both Evergage and Salesforce are committed to customer success. Now with this acquisition, Everage will be able to transform customer experiences at a bigger scale and a fast pace. 

Personalize Customer Experiences in Real-Time

The acquisition of Evergage by Salesforce is much more than a business deal as it will help fill the gaps that Salesforce users were facing in delivering highly personalized customer experiences. The technology by Evergage will help streamline interactions with customers in real-time and derive actionable insights from data to plan proactively and strategize in a better way.

Run Better Marketing Campaigns

After adopting the technology by Evergage, Salesforce Marketing Cloud will allow its users to break through the noise and run targeted ads and marketing campaigns more effectively. All this is simple as Salesforce Marketing Cloud will now be enhanced to provide its users with accurate customer data and reach out to them through personalized engagements. 

Accurate Customer Segmentation

Evergage has robust capabilities to analyze customer data and track customer behavior. With such features, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be enhanced and help in better determining customer segments and define an accurate target market. Moreover, you can leverage the vision feature of Salesforce Einstein as it helps detect the pictures of your products that show up in the customer social media feeds.

Better Automated Responses

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to minimize your response time to customer queries and ensure that leads don’t slip through the cracks. Now, with Salesforce Evergage acquisition, it’s easier for Salesforce Marketing Cloud to monitor customer queries and respond to them accordingly and provide the right information. Hence, this will allow you to improve the interaction with your customers and optimize the conversion process to drive high sales. 

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The Bottom Line!

Salesforce is growing with acquisitions at a fast pace. It is leveraging these technologies to enhance the Salesforce Clouds. Being the industry leader in CRM solutions, Salesforce continues to reinstate its standing as the top CRM company and is continuously improving the experience of its users. 

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