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For any business to operate successfully, it must employ an effective CRM platform to manage a smooth relationship with its clients. To be effective, CRMs must help vendors address their clients’ needs efficiently whilst running seamless business operations. 

Salesforce, being a leading CRM platform, ensures that it meets the needs of vendors when it comes to managing their leads and operations. It helps boost users’ productivity and allows for streamlined internal activity. 

One way to do so is to integrate Salesforce with essential platforms for business. The open-source nature of Salesforce allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to integrations. With the right integration, you can make the most out of your CRM and improve your efficiency.

Asana is a work management platform designed to allow for teams to work together seamlessly, enabling them to perform well and actively meet their targets. Integrating Asana with Salesforce can lead to a much more organized CRM.

So how does your Salesforce CRM benefit from integration with Asana? Let’s explore!

Move Easily From Plan To Action

The integration of Asana with Salesforce is a fool-proof way to harmonize plan and action. With the coordination of pre-sales activities with the actual sales process, there is little room left for error or miscommunication. No information is left out and the clients are served to the best of the vendor’s ability.

With Asana, you can get a clear, 360-degree view of all your operations. The tasks and due dates are clearly assigned and easy to keep track of. All the emails, tickets, and files are managed at the same place. All these aspects make integrating Asana with Salesforce, an easy choice.

Keep Teams In The Loop

With the help of the integration, it is possible for the sales team to collaborate with all the other team members throughout the duration of a project. Through Asana Tasks, the sales team can request work to support teams without needing to leave the Salesforce interface. The sales team can keep track of the Asana Tasks for follow-up. Even after the completion of a project, the sales team can have visibility into the implementation process.

Enhance Customer Experience

Users can deliver an amazing customer experience with Salesforce and Asana integration. Whether it is by triggering customer implementation automatically, or by inviting onboarding work through the customizable project templates, the integration paves way for better customer relationship. 

With the Salesforce Service cloud, it is possible to connect the implementation and service teams together with all the supporting teams. This enhanced collaboration leads to more efficient customer handoff.

Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services

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Automate Workflows

The Salesforce Process Builder can be used to automatically create new projects of tasks in Asana. At the same time, the integration enables the projects to be automatically transferred between the sales team and the follow-up teams once they are completed. The process builder can be leveraged to trigger the implementation process right after a project is completed. Users can build their own customized hand-off procedures to suit their needs.

Keep Track Of Tasks

Integrating Salesforce with Asana means that the activity of each project member can be clearly assigned and all tasks can be monitored well. With such a clear assignment of responsibilities, there is no room for missed targets or forgotten details. It also lends itself to concise, more direct communication within the team where unnecessary repetition or confusion is avoided.

Stay In Sync

As tasks progress in Asana, the Opportunity stage changes sync with them. The information is updated in Salesforce under the relevant Asana Task. The opportunity owner in Salesforce is also updated. Any updates made either on Asana or on Salesforce, are kept in sync in real-time. This enables the whole team to keep up with the latest developments on all their projects. In this way, Salesforce and Asana integration ensures everyone is on the same page.

How Can We Help?

Leverage Rolustech’s expertise in Salesforce Integration to integrate Asana with your CRM platform. Our team of experts can help you make the most out of your Sugar CRM and enable you to seamlessly manage your business operations while keeping up a successful vendor-client relationship. 

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