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Sugar Exchange best to Offer Rolustech

Sugar CRM is one of the top CRM solutions available to vendors to streamline their business processes and enhance their customer service relationships. The platform comes well equipped with all the features needed to increase efficiency, maximize ROI, and ensure that the customer needs are considered to be the number one priority. 

Businesses, however, are diverse in nature and can require quite different CRM setups according to their specific needs. The CRM needs to be tailored to suit the needs of the vendors and Sugar does an excellent job at ensuring that the tailoring is possible due to its open-source nature.

One more thing that Sugar has done to enhance this idea of a personalized, efficient CRM, is Sugar Exchange. Sugar Exchange is a third party applications website that offers Sugar users a platform to download third-party extensions that can add previously missing functionality to your CRM. In this way, users can get more out of their platform than was previously possible.

At the Sugar Exchange website, users can sift through certifies listings to get to the feature of their choice. These listings are approved by a 90 point certification checklist. Users can search for the relevant applications by searching the platform either by application category, Sugar editions, or even using the Sugar version.

So what are the applications available at Sugar Exchange that equip Sugar users with their specific requirements? Let’s dive in to see a list of five of the most innovative applications from different categories that Sugar Exchange has to offer!

XperiDo Server-Side Document Creation

Also one of the featured applications on Sugar Exchange, XperiDo is a document generation solution from the server’s side. The app comes completely integrated with the Sugar platform. The app allows users to generate documents immediately based on some pre-existing document templates. The document can self-populate using the information from Sugar. Additionally, personalized documents with respect to departments like sales, service, or marketing can be created with a simple click.

The app also allows for a DocuSign integration with the document to enable users to run transactions through e-signatures and do business directly from within the Sugar Platform. All data and documents are stored in a server or a cloud. On top of that, the layout of the content can be optimized in a professional manner and can be personalized in any language to facilitate communication with the clients.

Check List

Check List is an app that makes lead management and knowledge sharing an easy and seamless task by creating a specific, add-on module in Sugar for it. The app allows users to increase productivity and allow new employees to familiarize themselves with the organization’s environment as they observe the required actions and learn from them. With the automatic notification functionality, users can keep track of all the events and deadlines.

Check List also makes business management easy with a mobile application. The app also allows you to gather the most useful information and helpful tips when it comes to sales and services in order to maximize efficiency. These so-called best practices can be automatically selected and put into effect for a new lead. Additionally, the use of notes in the app allows for quick and easy communication within an organization. On top of that, the entire sales process for every lead is structured, clearly defined, and observable, so that the users can see the progress at every step.

Hoopla TV, SugarCRM Integration

Hoopla TV is an employee motivation and engagement platform that improves business performance by broadcasting live company-related content including key milestones achieved by the company. The Newsflash feature uses performance data from the CRM to highlight any achievements. The data is also converted into a live leaderboard, which gives notable company employees limelight with respect to their performance. To add some light-hearted fun and engagement into the workplace, Hoopla TV can also be used for head-to-head challenges among employees when it comes to data handling.

TimeLine Viewer

TimeLine Viewer allows for a 360-degree view of all CRM data including the timeline in which key business events fall. It eliminates the need to trace events through data by giving an overview of the progress made with respect to a lead. This makes conveyance of information quicker and easier and leads to a faster and more efficient decision-making process. 

The application gives the users the ability to decide what constitutes as an important event and then displays it on the timeline. The timeline gives both, a summarized set of events in the dashlet, as well as a detailed version in a separate module. With each event, crucial information like the email exchange is also visible. Users can also make their own custom events in the Logic Builder tool and attach any relevant information to the said event. This is all in addition to the exhaustive list of pre-made events already available for use. 


Mapsimise is a geospatial mapping platform based on google maps. Mapsimise retains information from Sugar CRM and according to details of each lead, plans routes and manages appointments. The connection of mapsimise with Sugar is done in real-time and allows data to be displayed in layers on the map. The app also allows users to populate data in the form of a heat map, clustering, or by pin.

RT Plugins In Sugar Exchange

Rolustech offers its customers a fair share of SugarCRM plugins, each with their own unique functionalities. These plugins are also a part of the Sugar Exchange platform and help users customize their CRM experience according to their needs. These plugins are:

RT QuickBooks

RT QuickBooks helps integrate Sugar with the QuickBooks accounting software to seamlessly manage invoices, inventory and sales.


RT CXM integrates Wordpress with the Sugar platform allowing the CRM users to interact with website traffic.

RT SugarBoards

With the help of the KanBan view, RT SugarBoards allows easy synchronization and data access by managing your data in an organized fashion.

RT DocuSign

RT DocuSign allows for an easy e-signature feature so as to close deals quickly, from anywhere.

RT Salesmap

Integrating Sugar with Google Maps, RT SalesMap lets users draw out a circle from any location and prioritize or plot out all the leads in the area.

RT Telephony

A much-needed voice call solution is provided by RT Telephony via the integration of Sugar with Twilio to keep customers connected to the vendors.

RT SugarBox

Box content can be managed and kept track of directly from within Sugar CRM by RT SugarBox, ensuring that the sales team is updated with the latest information.

RT GSync

RT GSync lets the apps in the Google Suite, such as Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail integrate with Sugar CRM.

The Bottom Line!

Sugar Exchange is a useful repository of applications that can help tailor your Sugar CRM experience according to your own needs. The platform is filled with several useful integrations that leave little room for users to be disappointed. 

Rolustech offers its own well-equipped plugins as a part of the Sugar Exchange tool. With so many well-executed applications, your CRM can be the best equipped to handle operations seamlessly and improve customer relations at the same time.

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped several hundreds of firms with various SugarCRM customization, migrations and integrations. Contact us today for your FREE consultation session to look for the perfect plugins for your business.