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The Best SugarCRM Plugins For All Your Business Needs

Plugins are a quick and highly efficient means of adding new functionalities to your SugarCRM without having to go through the tedious process of customization and integration. The right plugins allow you to improve the efficiency of your business and at the same time, promote better customer service relationships.

With the help of user-friendly plugins, take your SugarCRM to the next level and get a 360-degree view of your customer relationship management. 

Rolustech offers several SugarCRM Plugins, each with unique functionalities that make them the best plug-and-play solution for your business.

So without further ado, let’s dive in to see what SugarCRM plugins are best for seamless operations and management.

RT SalesMap

One way to improve efficiency and operations is to be able to geographically locate the positions of accounts, leads, and contacts of a vendor. RT SalesMap uses the GPS and web-mapping capabilities of Google Maps to pinpoint the exact location of useful addresses. Some important features include:

  • SugarCRM record displayed in Google Maps: The plugin automatically fetches Sugar data from the accounts, contacts, and leads module and displays them on Google Maps.
  • Radial Search: Users can draw a circle on the map, centered around any location of significance and plot all prioritized users within that circle. This enables users to determine the sales decisions on the basis of geographical location.
  • Route Planner: This helps vendors use their time efficiently by finding the best routes to take between a source location and destination. It also gives out directions for the said route.
  • Record Segmentation: Use color-coded pins to segment maps according to the module, be it accounts, leads, or contacts.
  • RT SalesMap Mobile App: RT SalesMap comes with a mobile application that can be used to navigate business processes while on-the-go. The real-time map updates and route planner come in handy when organizing meetings and visits. All the route data is mapped from the SugarCRM, so it is kept up to date.

RT Telephony

RT Telephony is an innovative SugarCRM plugin that enables you to seamlessly integrate your CRM with Twilio. Consisting of both, voice calls and text messages, Telephony aims to keep you well in touch with your clients and maintain efficiency without much hassle. The key features include:

  • Call Services: Whether its a desktop, web, or mobile application, Telephony allows you to call your clients directly from Sugar, and receive inbound calls too.
  • Interactive Voice Response: RT Telephony can manage your call extensions and directory by acting as a phone operator. This includes a welcome message, incoming call configuration, and engaging the caller in an interactive fashion.
  • SMS Services: The connectivity extends beyond the realm of calls and includes text messages too. For quick, efficient and brief customer interactions, there is no better tool than the Telephony SMS service 
  • Call Recording: Keep track of your customer interactions by recording your calls data in Sugar. The additional note-making functionality allows users to keep track of the conversation and save them for reference.

RT DocuSign

The integration of Sugar with DocuSign is the one plugin that every vendor requires in their day-to-day work. The RT DocuSign makes it convenient for businesses to close deals with customers no matter where they are. Some salient features of RT DocuSign are 

  • PDF Templates For Signatures: The plugin allows users to send PDFs to customers, whilst allowing for an add or remove attachments options. It works on four modules: accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities. Through these modules, PDF documents can be sent for signature without the need of sending them through physically.
  • Track Documents: Users can track the progress and updates for each module’s activity when it comes to document status. 
  • Configure RT DocuSign: Change user access from Restricted to Global according to your needs or policies.
  • Sync Sugar and DocuSign: Sync all your DocuSign documents with Sugar data to enable cloud-based access to every customer, anywhere.

RT QuickBooks

RT QuickBooks allows your Sugar to integrate with the QuickBooks accounting software. The result is an easy generation of invoices, quick sales, and a navigable inventory. RT QuickBooks comes equipped with:

  • On-Demand Sync: The sync is not just automatically scheduled, you can also sync your Sugar with QuickBooks at any time without having to wait for the scheduler. 
  • Priority Configuration: In the event of a data conflict between Sugar and Quickbooks, the users can assign priority to one particular directory as the parent station.
  • Limited Synchronization Of Tax Classes And Tax Rates: The plugin also navigates taxation and codes in QuickBooks Online. Users can categorize classes and manage payments.  

RT SugarStripe

RT SugarStripe is a well in demand SugarCRM plugin, with Stripe being one of the most popular payment gateways out there. With RT SugarStripe, you can:

  • Automate Recurring Bills: Automatically generate billing plans and manage subscriptions and donors with ease and efficiency.
  • Support Multiple Currencies: With no hassle of conversion, any transaction can now happen all over the world, with payment support in 135+ currencies.
  • Manage Disputes: Automatically generate dispute tickets and manage their status to ensure a speedy resolution.
  • Secure Payments: SugarStripe comes with a complete protection guarantee for your client’s information due to its PCI-DSS compliance 

RT GSync

Selected as Sugar App of the Month, this award-winning plugin integrates your essential Google apps with Sugar. With RT GSync, you can:

  • Integrate Gmail Contacts with Sugar: The integration can work both, bi-directional as well as uni-directional.
  • Sync Google Drive: The plugin can seamlessly sync all your Google Drive documents with Sugar
  • Calendar Sync: Never miss a meeting or an event with the integration of Google Calendar with Sugar.
  • Archive Emails: The plugin automatically archives all Gmail communications in Sugar, even if the communication happens outside the Sugar platform

RT StikiNotes

This free utility plugin allows users to optimize their notes-making and access them from anywhere. With RT StikiNotes

  • Link your records to your notes, and move seamlessly through your data. The notes could be placed anywhere and shared with team members. The shared notes are kept updated. 
  • Easily access notes throughout the Sugar platform, simply by using the StikiNotes button. 
  • The plugin itself is easy to configure, and is up and running in no time, without any hassle.

RT SugarBoards

This plugin is a means to optimize your Kanban view and manage all the customer data seamlessly. RT SugarBoards includes the following features:

  • Drag and Drop Functionality: Move leads and records from one stage to the next seamlessly, as they progress through the pipeline
  • Dynamic Columns And Cards: Quickly retrieve data from various columns and cards and creates new columns using the interactive User Interface
  • Label Cards: Label and edit cards with a personalized touch, including user photos
  • Filtered Search: The large amounts of data in your CRM can be easily navigated using the filtered search integration.
  • Flexible User Interface: The User Interface can switch between the cards view and a more detailed view, depending on the user’s preference.
  • Interactive Action Items: Get user information, streamline activity buttons, and create tasks from the Kanban view.

With so many useful plugins at the ready, elevate your SugarCRM experience and enable a better relationship with clients. Get in touch to get the best SugarCRM Plugins now!

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM Customization and Integration. Contact us today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!