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Magento Integration with Social Media

During recent years social media platforms have grown to become one of the most widely used platforms for communication and data consumption, and hence one of the most important marketing tools out there.

Last year about half of the internet users between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine told researchers they purchased an item they came across on social media and a lot more than that have purchased an item they saw on a friend’s feed. Industries like beauty, fashion, home goods, sporting goods, and tech, are already heavily promoted on various social media platforms. The key principle is to give customers the right product content and enough of it.

First, let’s discuss the advantages of using your Magento based online store in perfect sync with different social media platforms. 

Increase in traffic and leads

We have highlighted the fact that Social Media websites are the primary source of information for many users, which means people are much more likely to discover your brand when it’s represented on these websites. Browsing users who interact with your advertisements are all potential customers.

Improved brand awareness and product authority

Brand loyalty is a very important factor to consider, and it’s no secret that people are way more inclined to act on recommendations from their friends. When your online store enters social media, it is now easier for customers to engage with you and share your products. 

Better communication between customers and brand

Social media is an awesome way to reach and communicate directly with your target audience. There is so much to be learned from customer comments, reviews, and recommendations that provide invaluable insight into your target audience and hence help you to make better business decisions.

Now let’s talk about how your Magento store can use social media and drive more sales.   Magento Customization service  gives you the option to modify your product details to meet the requirements of the target audience. The first step is to review your product content. Social media has provided access to consumers and proved to be an invaluable channel for communicating with them. With social selling, retailers can go beyond conventional advertising methods and provide direct access to their products. The content has to be visually appealing and extremely interactive in order to engage with the maximum number of users. Now let’s look a bit closer at the most popular social media channels and see they can have an impact on your eCommerce store.


There’s no doubt about the fact that when it comes to reaching out to customers around the globe, Facebook surpasses. As of December 2019, the social network had surpassed 2.5 billion total active users. But building a connection with this group of users isn’t as simple as it seems. You will need to create and manage a Facebook-specific product catalog if you want to sell on the site, which will require thorough, accurate, and consistent product data. There are many third-party extensions that can help you to use your Magento store with Facebook to maximize sales.


Like parent company Facebook, Instagram also has a more vast reach than most other social networks, with more than 1 billion active accounts as of  2019. It also has a dedicated following in the worlds of fashion, home goods, and health, among others. In addition, the platform’s users often become customers. 72% of Instagram users report making purchase decisions based on something that they saw while just browsing the app. The newly added Instagram shopping feature allows users to buy products directly from brands without ever having to leave the Instagram app. Brands can use these high-quality assets not just to advertise their products more effectively but to sell them as well. The best way to engage potential Instagram users is to produce more picture and video content.


Popular for helping professionals make connections, LinkedIn has now become a powerful social media network for B2B selling. The platform, which contains nearly 600 million active accounts, has become a hotspot for networking, collaboration, and obviously, social selling. Of course, social selling success on LinkedIn starts with optimizing your own personal information to drive sales but product information is still important here. Like with many other platforms, it’s important to make sure your social content is accurate and consistent. B2B users, specifically need to feel assured that they are getting exactly what they want before making a purchase. It’s also crucial to customize that information specifically to the business-focused context of LinkedIn. 


Like the platforms discussed earlier, Twitter also allows businesses to interact with customers more effectively. This provides customers with the information they need to stay updated with the store and also voice their concerns. This helps to gather valuable data that can be used to make crucial business decisions.  Thus, proving to be an important medium for all kinds of businesses to communicate with customers.

The Next Step

We have discussed in detail how each of the most common social media platforms can prove to be the solutions to all your digital marketing needs especially when it comes to Magento store marketing. Get in touch with today and we’ll be happy to assist you in integrating your Magento store with these or more social platforms.

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