Salesforce Integration with Business Applications and its Significance

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A lot of you are probably familiar with the word Salesforce by now. For those of you who aren’t this blog will explain what Salesforce is and how businesses can integrate it with their processes to get significant results. So, Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution tool that brings both consumers and enterprises together and also provides organization with everything needed to offer exceptional customer services. All in all, leading to rapid closure of sales deals, higher revenue streams and a way onto your road of success.

Features of Salesforce Integration

Online fundraising

Salesforce integrated CRM and fundraising solutions both play a great role in developing the fundraising strategy of your organization. The two when combined together allow a business to offer targeted fundraising opportunities wherever and whenever they are needed as well as improve the organization’s overall strategy.

Data Virtualization

Having a systematic record of all your customers is really important, it should be easy to access and read and should be readily available at all times. Virtualization provides powerful ways to collaborate data from different sources at a single location. This means it brings together data from a variety of diverse systems presenting it in a consolidated view in front of your customers.

Data Management

Salesforce platform uses open API’s such REST and SOAP which make it easy to integrate the platform with external points. You are benefiting because you are able to load and delete a huge amount of data though these API’s.

Platform Events

Salesforce platform events have custom notifications between Salesforce and other external sources that are both secure and scalable. They aid your company when it comes to centralizing integration and also helps relate changes with other systems.

Salesforce Connect

This is the tool that enables simple and easier access to backend legacy data in your Salesforce environment, helping to accelerate processes and transforming firms from financial services to retail.

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Business Apps

Enhanced Productivity

By integrating Salesforce your business will be able to attain manual automation of data. Productivity will increase because your errors will be detected and removed along the way hence dropping to an overall number of mistakes in your performance. A better way to put it is, your business will benefit from error-free and fast results will be attained in a short period of time.

Automated and Codeless Workflow

Having just a system or just an app alone will not be enough, in fact having both these things work together will allow the organization to accomplish its business aims, goals, and future plans through point and click workflow automation.

Easy Data Access

Integration of apps means you are able to access data across different apps as well easily migrate data. This is a powerful thing to the business as they are able to get useful data that can be analyzed to get out meaningful insights. All this in-depth knowledge will help a company make informed decisions and have a more strategic approach towards things.

Produces Insightful Reports

An effective Salesforce integration allows businesses to get access to meaningful and manages reports. Again, as mentioned before helping the organization to make informed and structured decisions as well as having a strategic approach towards things.

Customer Retention

Getting customers is not really a problem, but making them stay and become loyal customers is what the actual dilemma really is. Having customers buy from you on a one-off basis is not your long term goal, if it is then you are on the wrong track. But making customers stay so that they purchase from you, again and again, is the goal you should be working towards. Integrating Salesforce with your business app increases the chance customers sticking to your app in the long run. Why? Because an app is tailored, the better you target customers and connect to their routine tools the more important the app will become for them.

Improved Online Sales

An app is easy to use, something that attracts customers a lot. Integrating Salesforce with your business apps will lead to an increase in online sales revenue in a matter of no time also amplifying the sales process at a faster rate, then customizing Salesforce will take your business to another new level.

Get Entire Customer Data at One Spot

When integrating Salesforce CRM with customer service, help service and other supporting app, it eases the connecting points of customer communication. Having an integrated smooth system enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s productivity.

Eases and Fastens Returns

Having services that are customer interactive is something customers love. Getting quick replies and prompt responses is a very important thing for customers. Salesforce integration with eCommerce permits the customers to return a product easily and get satisfactory service.

Wrapping It Up

Integrating Salesforce can be very beneficial for an organization, but this has to be done the way right way. If gone wrong, this can lead to losing some good clients. Through Salesforce integration, organizational performance can gain new heights every day. However, for a perfect and well-managed Salesforce implementation and integration service you need to hire a Salesforce consulting company, that’s where we come in!


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