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Salesforce’s new AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform is built into the core of the Salesforce CRM platform and whose primary goal is to deliver advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing, allowing anyone to build AI-powered apps with clicks or code that get better with each interaction.

Looking at the name of this recently introduced AI (Einstein) proposes a genuine concern: Does this AI has any resemblance to the famous man other than his name? The answer is “Yes”, They’re both scientists. Unlike the great man, who was a scientist of space and time, Salesforce’s new AI is a scientist of data analysis and data mining.


What is Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein has capabilities that provide business users with critical insights and their contexts. Through predictive lead scoring and automatic data gathering, sales professionals will be able to discover better prospects and close transactions helping them to transform leads into opportunities and opportunities into contracts more efficiently.

The success of AI is largely determined by the data that makes it unique. Salesforce, fortunately, has plenty of data, allowing it to train Einstein prediction models on a wide range of data collected by its other companies. Customer information, email, calendars, e-commerce information, Chatter activity, social data streams, and Internet of Things signals are examples of this type of data. As data enters the cloud platform, Einstein continues to adapt to fast-changing user behavior, giving users with updated insights. Salesforce Einstein capabilities are also available for App Cloud users and also to the developers to integrate AI features. Einstein enhances the performance of all apps, providing the customer success platform containing helpful information.

Features of Salesforce Einstein

The Prediction Builder is one of Einstein’s most famous capabilities, allowing clients to create custom AI models utilizing predictions for any field on the platform. It just points and clicks to identify the field they want to predict and select the data they want to use. Einstein Bots, on the other hand, allows customers to construct chatbots that react to common consumer questions using CRM data and historical services.

Furthermore, Einstein Forecasting is a cutting-edge technology that salespeople may utilize to create precise forecasts based on their CRM data. It is powered by a number of self-learning algorithms that monitor individual and team forecasting behavior in order to provide objective insights about future sales. These are just a few of the many features of Salesforce Einstein that could help your company reach new heights. It can do the following tasks and makes the work easy for sales representatives.

  1. Recording real-time data
  2. Providing appropriate data to the sales team or sales rep with the proper context.

Salesforce Einstein usually obtains data from the following resources.

  1. Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  and Google+
  2. Email: Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, Salesforce Inbox, and Gmail
  3. Calendar: Google Calendar and Salesforce Calendar
  4. CRM: Account, Contact, Lead, and Custom Objects


Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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How it Can Help Your Business

Businesses are being compelled to innovate in order to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. You can use AI to transform your operations using Einstein, making you more intelligent and accurate in your predictions of client behavior. Your sales force can foresee opportunities and go above and beyond to meet the needs of your consumers. You can also be proactive by taking steps to prevent difficulties and provide your consumers with a pleasant experience. Your marketing team can also create predictive journeys and provide one-of-a-kind customized experiences.

You don’t have to prepare data or manage models to use Einstein because it’s integrated into so many Salesforce products. Because all you have to do is enter your data into Salesforce, it’s simply plug-and-play. The Einstein-supported features you have will use that data to provide you with more detailed information about your clients. Moreover, Einstein is considered to be secure as it was built on the robust system named, Salesforce architecture.


Final Words

Salesforce Einstein can provide you with the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. By using Einstein, you’ll gain access to intelligent insights that will help you better predict your customers, allowing you to pivot your offerings and stand out in your sector.

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