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Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud The Best Retail Management Software

According to research, 95% of the sales still come from traditional retail channels. This means consumer goods companies are striving to find ways to optimize retail execution and create meaningful relationships with consumers across the value chain. 

Being an industry leader in providing the best customer relationship management solutions, Salesforce took the innovative step of introducing Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. It is a complete cloud solution for managing consumer goods so you can seamlessly execute your retail planning, optimize your store visits, boost in-store productivity and drive high sales. 

So, let’s get started to learn more about the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and what makes it the best retail management software.

What is Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud?

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud helps to optimize store visits, create collaborative relationships across the entire value chain, and accelerate in-store productivity. Moreover, it will take you a step ahead of your competitors by leveraging artificial intelligence to improve audit accuracy and skyrocket your business growth.

Features and Benefits of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Consumer Goods Clouds
Consumer Goods Clouds

Accurately Audit Shelves

With Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, it won’t be a hassle to maintain store shelves and manage inventory. It allows you to accelerate inventory management, efficiently build planograms and ensure compliance with merchandising.

You can also bring store shelves to your fingertips with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and leverage it as the best planogram software for visual merchandising. Moreover, with  Einstein Vision in Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, you can scan store shelves to keep track of inventory and identify out-of-stock products. It also helps you to understand data about a product category, pricing, quantity, promotions, and discounts, all from your mobile device.

Optimize Store Planning

Salesforce provides the best solution for Consumer Goods and helps in optimized planning. Ensuring seamless execution of retail business processes, Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud gives a 360-degree view of sales targets, orders, discounts and promotions to sales managers. 

Salesforce Industry Solutions by Rolustech

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Make the Most of Store Visits

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud also helps reps in the field to be super productive by optimizing tasks, scheduling and store visits. But how is this done?

With easy access to data, sales reps can keep track of each store visit by tracking critical metrics such as store name, location, estimated visit time, number of hours spent and details of past visits. No doubt, all these amazing features make Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud as one of the best retail management software.

Better Store Arrangement

Each store has a different arrangement of inventory. With Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, you can easily customize and assign templates based on certain segment types of a store. Moreover, you can also leverage templates based on individual stores to boost productivity from check-in to check-out. 

Comprehensive Surveys and Data Collection

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud lets you do efficient retail management by promoting real-time collaboration among teams through a unified platform. This will bring all your data in one place and help in devising better strategies. Additionally, you can also leverage Salesforce Consumer Cloud to conduct surveys, gather feedback and collect data from various stakeholders. 

Capture Orders with Mobile for High In-Store Sales

In-store sales can prove to be a game-changer in driving high profits. For this, retail businesses are leveraging the best store management software to make the best strategies, offer discounts, run promotional campaigns and improve the customer experience.

With Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, users can maximize in-store sales by capturing orders on the go from their mobile phones. This also helps to guide sales reps with assortment driven product recommendations so they get a holistic picture of the order management, pricing, promotions, and discounts.    

How Rolustech Can Help In Making the Most of the Best Consumer Goods Software?

To fully leverage the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, Rolustech is here to provide expert Salesforce Consultancy to ensure that your retail management software makes your store a perfect one. You can also take advantage of Salesforce integrations to bring all your business software on a unified platform and drive efficiency to stay ahead of the curve. 

Not using Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for your business to have optimized retail execution? Take the first step now for seamless retail execution with Salesforce Implementation and to skyrocket your sales. 

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