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SugarCRM is one of the most reliable Customer Relationship Management platforms available in the market. The range offered by Sugar CRM is incredible; the possibility of multiple vertical integrations makes Sugar a very lucrative option.  

The platform can be used to manage the needs of an already expanding tourism industry. Sugar is an ideal solution because it can be adapted to the unique needs of the company. Multiple, readily available, PlugIns, Customizations, and Integrations can be added to enhance the services provided by Sugar.  

Sugar is ideal for companies operating in the tourism industry because it is highly scalable and flexible. Let us take a look at the ways in which Sugar can support your business. 

Establish an efficacious Ticket Management Platform  

Sugar provides an effective solution to the ticket management problem. The tourism industry relies heavily on managing tickets generated for clients. Most firms rely on manual entry of data. This takes up a lot of time. This process is usually ridden with errors and the margin of losing information is great. Through Sugar, you can automate this process. In fact, client data logs can be easily integrated and synchronized with all other information. 

Sugar gives you the opportunity to maintain tickets efficiently while also keeping track of the status of each ticket. You can also reroute the tickets and refer clients to different departments. This reduces the time required to resolve queries and close deals. 

You can also maintain the trajectory of the relationship with each of your clients. This ensures that returning clients are dealt with efficiently as their feedback from the previous experience is readily available in your data. It is also impossible to miss new leads through this ticket management system. Your efficient and effective service will give your firm a firm leverage over other companies in the industry. 

The ticket management system is given by Sugar thus allows you to maximize customer satisfaction while also maintaining a higher level of productivity within the organization. 

Use IVR to automate responses

SugarCRM provides easy integration opportunities with communication software like IVR. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is extremely popular among businesses because it assists in maintaining efficient communication channels between clients and the company. 

Your company can resolve a number of recurring queries without the assistance of an actual operator. However, you can also use the system to increase the efficiency of the existing team. The integration of multiple data sets is exceptionally useful in pulling out answers with respect to specific queries. Shifting to cloud-based IVF, another option offered by Sugar will also make the informational architecture of your company more manageable. 

Achieve Efficient Travel Scheduling

Managing different traveling schedules is the toughest part of running a traveling company. SugarCRM has got you.  It equips your company with the required tools to master this side of your business. 

SugarCRM can be integrated with Google Maps. This integration enables you to remotely track the status of your team members that are leading excursions. You can simultaneously choose the best travel routes keeping the weather and traffic predictions in mind. 

SugarCRM comes fully equipped with workflows. This allows you to ensure that the booking demands are perfectly aligned with the resources at the company’s disposal during specific time frames. This reduces the hassle of managing these details manually through excel files and saves important time which can now be delegated to other tasks. . 

Manage Help Desk

Many times customers ask questions that can not be answered immediately or resolved over call. Sugar helps you in maintaining logs of such calls. You can create segregated query logs and keep a track of things so they are resolved within the given time frame. Queries can then be directed to specific teams within your firm.  You can manage an effective Help Desk through SugarCRM. 

Conduct effective Marketing Outreach Campaigns 

Sugar provides advanced analytics on the existing data. It gives you the chance to closely analyze your customer base and develop effective marketing strategies accordingly. You can easily organize your campaigns to target niche audiences. 

The email marketing solutions provided by Sugar are especially effective. You can send personalized emails to your target audience. The analytics stats provided by 

At the same time, you can keep in touch with your previous clients by scheduling automated updates. This means that your clients are aware of the latest developments within your company- increasing the chances of their return. 

Increase your productivity and provide the best possible experience

You can now streamline your company’s workflows through Sugar. Schedules and work hours can be managed perfectly through Sugar.  

While the aforementioned option is perfect for increasing the company’s productivity and  its maximizing profits, it is also incredibly important for providing a coherent and consistent experience to your clients. The seamless synchronization of information across departments, ensured by SugarCRM, will give your customers the best experience. 

The Bottom Line

SugarCRM is coveted because of easy integrations, highly scalable nature of the CRM and the overall reliability of the platform. It is amenable to multiple integrations and Plugins.  It not only streamlines internal organizational processes but also supports the provision of a highly effective customer service. Similarly, you can utilize the highly innovative marketing insights provided by Sugar to increase the impact and outreach of your campaigns. Rolustech is an official SugarCRM partner. You can reach out to us to maximize the potential of your business and we can assist you in every possible way. 

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped several firms with various Sugar Migrations and Integrations. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!