7 ways to use Salesforce Interactive Studio to boost e-Commerce and Online Marketing

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Salesforce has consistently been the most reliable and trustworthy software for businesses. It has been providing cutting-edge solutions for over two decades. Now, during the era of unhindered online communication, Salesforce seeks to help your business get on top of their deals and campaigns online. It is no secret that e-commerce and Online Marketing are the backbone of any successful business in today’s digital age. Salesforce Interactive Studio makes sure that you are putting your best foot forward in this arena. 

Salesforce’s Cloud Marketing services have garnered much attention and inspired many. The Interactive Studio is an important part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It enables you to oversee and manage all of your connections and optimize your responses, thus providing a top-notch experience to your customers. By utilizing the functionalities provided by Salesforce Interactive Studio you can inaugurate a new era of impactful marketing at your company. 

Here is an overview of the key features in the Interactive Studio. We have appended them with tips so that you yield maximum results while using it.

1-   Guide Customers to the most effective communication channel

Salesforce Interaction Studio is adept at creating linkages across multiple platforms and communication channels. You make use of this option to guide your customers through pathways and channels they are most comfortable with.  The ability to personalize the interaction is bound to leave a strong impression on the customer.  

 2-   Maintain a coherent narrative to your customers

Communicate effectively across channels while curating a consistent experience for your customers. Interactive Studio gives you the option to control the frequency of your messages and interactions. It, simultaneously, affords you the opportunity to synchronize information across multiple message boards and departments. This assists you in creating a wholesome and coherent narrative.  You can further use the feature of Salesforce conversational queries, powered by Salesforce Einstein, to ensure that your customer has quick access to the most relevant information. 

3-    Execute both online and offline communication 

You can now link both online and offline interactions with your customers. Interactive Studio will connect your company’s offline information outlets like call centers, ATMs and in-store POS among others with online sources or vice versa. This alignment of resources is necessary for the provision of optimal customer experience. At the same time, it strengthens the company’s marketing efforts. 

4-   Orchestrate relevant and contextual interactions

You now enjoy greater control of your interactions with your customers. The sophisticated decision engine embedded in Salesforce Interactive Studio nudges your customers to take further actions. You can drive conversations that can be converted into future deals. Salesforce Einstein, which utilized artificial intelligence to optimize business processes, can further be utilized to automate these interactions. This ensures that all your interactions with the customers are appropriate, effective, and productive. 

 5-    Utilize frequency caps to optimize the relationship with clients

Modulate the frequency of messages that are sent to your customers. You can gain optimal response by following a set of base rules. Salesforce Interactive studio helps you in streamlining this process. You can tailor your emails and messages to the specific needs of your clients. Interactive Studio assists you in segmenting your client base using different filters. This is an effective way to ensure that your e-commerce venture is run smoothly and efficiently. 

 6-   Use existing platforms to augment the customer’s voice

Salesforce Interactive Studio is a great platform to create synergy from multiple communication channels. It helps you augment the voice of your customers. You can immediately develop real-time context by listening to them. Their feedback and expectations can be immediately incorporated into your marketing campaigns. This aspect of the Interactive Studio ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

 7-  Closely follow all your company events

You can use the Studio to organize and share company events across different departments. Salesforce Interactive Studio enables you to both create and share the event at the same time. You can also keep track of individual participation. Similarly, you can also use instrumentation and integration on the basis of clicks per event. The best part is that you can execute all of this without relying on coding. 

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Our Two Cents

Salesforce Interactive Studio can be used to maximize customer engagement through the approaches mentioned above. By using the studio you can pull off highly proactive marketing strategies. This when coupled with the enhanced adoption opportunities is bound to increase your ROI. You can now plan and execute effective marketing campaigns and run your e-Commerce business effectively. You can learn more about Salesforce and Salesforce Interactive Studio by reaching out to Rolustech. We are an official Salesforce partner and more than happy to guide your business to choose the best CRM solution. Additionally, Rolustech can guide you about the best Salesforce Integrations for your business. 

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