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SugarCRM constantly seeks to outmatch and improve its Mobile versions at all times. SugarCRM is compatible with Android/IOS Tablet and Mobile Applications. Apart from this, Sugar also entertains its users by sanctioning them provision of offline and free mobile access.  The resolve and determination of Sugar, regarding its product development, can be ascertained from the fact that new product releases are introduced continually. The force behind the motivation is customer satisfaction. The latest set of revamps and amendments introduced for SugarCRM Mobile were launched as ‘SugarCRM Mobile Release 4.0.0’ in 2016. Let’s take you to a step by step guide regarding the broad changes in features which this Mobile Release will entertain.


SugarCRM Android and IOS Mobile App Feature Enhancements:

1. Deep Linking:


This state of the art concept provides SugarCRM users with automated access to SugarCRM Mobile App when a link is opened via a third party app. Let me explain. These custom URL schemes will allow the SugarCRM user to launch the SugarCRM Mobile App when, let’s say, the mobile user receives a text or an email that contains a link to a SugarCRM record. Owing to these deep mobile links, the users would no longer have to endure the hassle of logging into their SugarCRM through the mobile browser every time they received a SugarCRM record via any third party app. Deep Linking makes the Mobile App readily available, and it’s just a click away.

2. Change to Mobile skin:

For an enhanced UI (user interaction) and UX (user experience), most of the pages within the SugarCRM Mobile App are now displayed in lighter and more visually attractive colors

3. Mobile App Configuration Service (MACS):

This service enables SugarCRM users to design and configure their personalized versions of SugarCRM Mobile. This would pave the way for users to brand their own product, and have an enhanced control over distribution. After the Mobile App has been customized, it can be deployed via Google Play Store, Apple App Store or any other personal Store. This would allow corporations that have deployed SugarCRM, an augmented experience regarding data security and distribution of their mobile app. Some of the pre-requisites of MACS include having an active account on and a valid Enterprise or Ultimate subscription with SugarCRM.

4. Editing from Preview Pane:


The Preview button in Sugar 7 allows you to view additional record details from a module or subpanel list with just a single click. Thus, utilizing the right-hand side panel to display the information in a split-screen. Sugar administrators can turn on this feature from the System Settings administration tool. When enabled, this new feature allows users to click an “Edit” button on the preview pane to edit the data. This allows even more user efficiency when using the already-great preview feature.

5. Fixed Issues:

No software is perfect. The closest to perfection are those who constantly seek to refine themselves. Many small issues that users previously faced have been resolved in these updates. For instance, when viewing a record in SugarCRM Mobile App, certain users were unable to scroll down in order to view all subpanels. Subsequently, Sugar decided to make some changes for disentangling its users. Similarly, few other customer related issues have been tweaked in these updates as well.


SugarCRM has a reputation among its users for streamlining business processes and significantly improving the Sales and Marketing of an organization. Within this globalized economy, customers constantly desire a swift response for every query. All of this would become easier when the SugarCRM Mobile App is at your disposal.


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