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Why X2CRM?

Businesses worldwide are turning to open source CRM software to streamline their daily operations.  But why open source? It’s because all businesses are different from each other, even if they are operating in the same industry vertical and thus, all of them require a completely bespoke CRM solution that aligns with their business model.

As an open source platform, X2CRM for businesses delivers a highly powerful and fairly intuitive solution that can put your company’s success on an even higher trajectory. Here, we list the top ten reasons why X2CRM may be the optimal choice for your business.

1. Automate Tasks

Using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can simultaneously automate several tasks throughout your CRM. X2CRM also grants you the ability to build small concise workflows that have the power of the lengthy workflows that you would need to build otherwise.

2. Manage Accounts

X2CRM lets you create one-to-many relationships between Contacts and Accounts and lets you send quotes and invoices via email.

3. Track Location

The X2CRM workflow actively tracks location and alerts you when a certain record or contact is nearby, allowing you to promptly schedule a meet or perform analytics of where your records are kept.

4. Visualize your sales pipeline and process pipeline.

X2CRM has a very simplified and intuitive interface for visualizing stages in your sales funnel and process pipeline. Hence, it allows you to get a better handle over your organizational processes by offering a highly personalized record automation experience.

5. Run Email Campaigns

X2CRM enables you to carry out meaningful and highly targeted email campaigns by drafting newsletters and templates with automatically generated contact-specific details. Hence, using dynamic attribute lists to market to specific contact segments. Successful campaigns can then be re-used as templates for future campaigns.

6. Generate Leads from Your Website

X2CRM‘s Web Lead Capture Form offers a plethora of customization options that let it integrate seamlessly with your website. It enables you to capture contact data from visitors on your website instantly, track website visits, and use the X2 Identity Browser Fingerprinting Technology for enhanced security.

7. Service Case Management

This allows you to manage and distribute service cases and lets you design service case routing rules, allowing you to optimize the whole process and improve the efficiency of your service and support team.

8. Get detailed insights

X2CRM analytics helps you gain valuable insights into your sales, marketing and customer service by generating personalized drilldown, summation, and performance reports.

9. Sell on the go

The X2Touch is X2’s cross-platform open source mobile app that allows you to have the relevant information at your fingertips and the complete of power of X2CRM regardless of your location. Chasing hot leads and looking up contact details, out in the field in real time has never been easier.

10. Extend your CRM functionality

The X2CRM REST-ful API allows you to integrate your CRM with external applications. You can also make remote API calls in X2 flow automation sequences and automate these integrations. To utilize X2CRM to its full potential, you can fully customize it with your own modules, fields, and layouts. Since its open source, you can modify the X2CRM base code when you host your CRM system on your own web server.

The Bottom Line!

X2CRM is an excellent choice for SMBs as it has all the attributes a modern CRM should have. The first nine features mentioned above come out-of-the-box but if you are interested in augmenting the functionality of your X2CRM, you will need a CRM Consultant with X2CRM Expertise. As your business expands, the need to scale your CRM system will arise. As X2CRM Certified Partners, we will be more than happy to give you a FREE consultation session.