Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Children’s Cup

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Since childhood, Jean and Dave Ohlerking had a dream of helping downtrodden children. Their dream became a reality in 1992, when Children’s Cup, a nonprofit which supports throwaway children in several backward communities including Swaziland, Mozambique, Honduras and Mexico, was established.


Facing tremendous growth in recent years, Children’s Cup started using SugarCRM Professional for handling its donations’ lifecycle management. Children’s Cup had a WordPress website. Along with the WordPress website, it used OpenCart as its e-commerce solution for online fundraising. Children’s Cup faced the trouble of handling two discrete systems simultaneously which consumed a lot of time of its team and resulted in highly inefficient business processes.

Moreover, it also needed to become PCI DSS compliant which requires companies to hold the cardholder’s sensitive information with a PCI compliant hosting provider. For Children’s Cup, this was absolutely necessary as the donors made recurring payments on a monthly basis and did not want to enter their card information every time.


SugarCRM Integration with WordPress so several of its sections could be controlled from within SugarCRM.
SugarCRM Integration with OpenCart to establish a link between all the information in OpenCart, including customers, products, taxes and currencies, and SugarCRM.
SugarCRM Integration with Authorize.Net to enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card transactions via websites. Cardholder’s information was entered in Sugar but stored with Authorize.Net, making the whole system PCI compliant.
Expertise for Children’s Cup



The integrations and customization in SugarCRM gave Children’s Cup a unified 360-degree view of its complete system and platform. Now, the team could manage all business operations from a single system which improved the efficiency of the team and helped them focus more on their expansion plans. With a completely secure system, Children’s Cup could now expand into new communities without worrying about security compliances.

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