Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for RealtyShares

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RealtyShares is a prime real estate investment platform in the U.S. It is used by investors who are looking to invest in the real estate market as well as for investment managers who are seeking to raise capital. What makes RealtyShares amazing is the ‘access’ it provides, both to investors and those looking for investment. All investment activity happens through the RealtyShares platform thus making the whole process efficient and seamless.


RealtyShares knew that it catered to the commercial Real Estate market which was equivalent in size to the stock exchange in terms of value. They contacted Rolustech in 2015 when they needed to implement a powerful CRM solution which would be completely molded according to the business processes and serve as a backend solution for their real estate investment platform. Their existing CRM Insightly was unable to cater to their growing demands. Rolustech knew that a highly adaptable CRM platform was needed and chose Sugar which could be customized and integrated with other applications to make it a robust CRM system for RealtyShares.


Lead Management Solution including Lead Capture and Validation
Accounts and Contacts Module Customization in SugarCRM according to RealtyShares workflows
A complete Document Management system
SugarCRM Integration with for secure document management
Creation of Deals and Properties inside the CRM
Setup and hosting on RealtyShares on-site server
Realty Shares solution



Overall, the customized solution aptly mirrored the exact process of RealtyShares. The system managed everything from the creation of lead on the website and creation of accounts and contacts in the system to creation of deals and properties against every investor in the system. Moreover, the integration with ensured that all the sensitive financial information was stored securely in the system which gave separate permissions to users who could access it.

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