InstaBus is a service company that provides Minibus and Coach services to a variety of customers. InstaBus provides a swift and hassle free mechanism for customers to avail transportation services and hire personal conveyance based on their needs. InstaBus provides a range of services including coaches, minibuses, and air shuttle services.


The client came to Rolustech looking for a system that could help him channel the vision of InstaBus into a conceivable reality. He was looking for a customized CRM platform that could help him manage the bookings, suppliers, and customers. The suppliers in this scenario are the bus owners who register themselves with InstaBus and bring their vehicles onto the platform. Their availability timings and locations are shared onto the platform for customers to avail. The client also needed an online web platform that could allow users to sign up on the InstaBus website.


The client was without a web application that could be used to store the vehicles and bookings along with suppliers. The present implementation was incapable of delivering the results that the client required. A customized web application was developed to help him meet these needs. His CMS was also customized to incorporate the bookings workflow and all of this was then synchronized with his CRM platform. Rolustech provided him a solution that could properly manage and store his data, along with bookings; it was capable of sending automated notifications to suppliers. His CMS and CRM integration had multiple limitations i.e. lack of bi-directional syncing. These limitations were also removed.


InstaBus was thoroughly pleased with the services provided by Rolustech. Both its CMS and CRM platforms were customized to suit the exact needs of InstaBus. This helped it consolidate its information and data, as well as improve its efficiency and productivity, resulting in ROI maximization. With the CRM integrations, InstaBus was able to manage its bookings and customers in a swift manner.

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