Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Transportation

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In order to enable its business model, InstaBus was in need of a customized CRM platform. The company needed a platform that will help it manage its customers, suppliers, and its bookings. In InstaBus’ case, their suppliers are people who registered their vehicles with the company. And their customers were people who were looking to hire buses, air shuttle services, and coaches for transportation purposes.

InstaBus needed a platform that will allow suppliers to register themselves with the business. They also needed a web platform from where customers could browse through all the available suppliers, view information about their availability, and make bookings.

InstaBus reached out to Rolustech, looking for a customized CRM solution that would also integrate with a web app.

InstaBus needed a platform that will make registrations, sign-ups, and booking management easier for the company and its suppliers and customers.

In order to meet InstaBus’ requirements, Rolustech proposed a three-step solution for the company:

  1. Customization of their existing CRM platform
  2. Development of a Web app bespoke web app
  3. Integrating their CRM platform with their web app

The solution that we proposed addressed all of InstaBus’ pain points and provided the company with a highly capable platform.

CRM Platform Customization

InstaBus’ requirements could not be fully met by a stock CRM solution. Our team analyzed their business model and their requirements to gain insight into their requirements. After a thorough analysis, Rolustech customized InstaBus’ CRM platform. The customized CRM platform allowed the company to manage supplier registrations with ease and manage all their data.

Custom Web Application

InstaBus needed a web app through which customers could sign-up and book transportation. Our team developed a bespoke web app for this purpose. The web app was designed with InstaBus’ specific requirements kept in mind. It included a portal for customer sign-ups.

InstaBus’ web app was designed with the option to be synced with the company’s CRM platform as well.

CMS and CRM Integration

Our team integrated InstaBus’ bespoke web app with their custom CRM platform. This allowed the company to sync data from its CRM with its website in a hassle-free manner. After the integration, InstaBus had the option to manage its data with ease and sync data between both platforms.



The solution that our team developed and implemented for InstaBus met all their requirements. The company got a customized solution that allowed for easier data entry and management. The end result was a CRM integration and customization solution that helped the company enable its business model and increase its efficiency.

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