Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Real Estate

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1Group is an innovative company operating in Australia’s real estate industry. The company sets itself apart by enhancing its business model with the help of cutting-edge software solutions.


1Group had an existing CRM solution in place that helped the company collect data about their clients and their industry. 1Group relies a lot on data analysis in order to identify opportunities in its market and stay ahead of its competition. The company’s requirements simply were not being met by its existing CRM solution. 1Group required a CRM solution that would help them enhance their sales activities and increase the efficiency of their opportunity conversion cycle.

1Group required advanced CRM functionality in order to improve its decision-making capabilities. Our team proposed a number of customizations for 1Group’s existing CRM solution that would help mold their CRM according to their business needs.

In order to fulfill 1Group’s requirements, a custom CRM solution was necessary. Our team proposed a variety of customizations and integrations that would increase the functionality of their existing CRM.

Rolustech proposed the following solutions:

  • The implementation of a customer journey plugin
  • Several CRM customizations
  • Integration with Google’s GSuite
  • Integration of a task visibility management system with their CRM
  • The installation of RT Docusign, a bespoke plugin developed by Rolustech

CRM Customizations

In order to transform 1Group’s CRM into a powerful sales and research tool, Rolustech carried out several customizations. All of these customizations helped shape 1Group’s CRM according to its business needs. Our team also implemented a customer journey plugin that enhanced 1Group’s ability to analyze their customer behavior and identify opportunities.

CRM Integrations

In order to increase the functionality of 1Group’s CRM solution, our team integrated it with third-party apps as well. In order to synchronize their emails, 1Group’s CRM was integrated with Google’s GSuite. The company also required task management capabilities. In order to fulfill this requirement, we integrated their CRM with a task visibility management system as well.

These integrations increased the functionality of 1Group’s CRM and made it more useful for the company.

RT DocuSign

DocuSign is a bespoke plugin developed by the Rolustech team. It offers the ability to manage and track all of your signed documents. RT DocuSign was a great option for 1Group, making it a must-have for the company.

With RT DocuSign, 1Group’s CRM got the following functionality:

  • PDF Templates: easily send PDF templates for different documents for signatures
  • DocuSign Dashlet: keep track of all your documents through a dashlet in your CRM platform
  • Realtime Updates: view and track all changes being made to your documents through your CRM platform

RT DocuSign made document management easier for 1Group. It also integrated the company’s document management with its CRM platform.



After the customizations and integrations were implemented by our team, 1Group was left with a highly capable CRM platform at its disposal. One that not only worked according to their specific business needs but also provided the company with added functionality.

With the help of a customized and capable CRM solution, 1Group Property Advisory was able to enhance its business model and maximize the ROI of its business.

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