1Group Property Advisory

1Group are innovators and leaders in the real estate space who exhibit a vision to create business that has a positive impact on people’s lives. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, 1Group is a firm that has extensive expertise and resources at its disposal through its comprehensive service and cutting-edge research capabilities.


1Group Property Advisory was looking for customization in the SugarCRM Customer Journey Plugin so it could align with their sales activities in Lead to Opportunity conversion cycle. The current processes were not capable of maximizing the sales efforts and consequently, the client was in need of the Customer Journey Plugin to analyze and interpret leads at each stage of the cycle. Their CRM platform only had basic customization that was good for a range of primary tasks but not built for the kind of functionality 1Group was currently looking for. They needed a sense of simplification in the decision making processes within their customer journeys through some degree of automation.


Rolustech began their work on the requirements voiced by 1Group. Beginning with the Customer Journey Plugin, a number of other SugarCRM customizations were also carried out. Their emails were synchronized and integrated with the Google calendar, RT DocuSign, our SugarCRM Plugin, was also installed in the CRM to provide an exhaustive information management solution. 1Group also required a task visibility management system that was integrated with the SugarCRM Accounts and Contacts Modules.


1Group was pleased and satisfied with the prompt project delivery by Rolustech. The customization to their CRM and business processes helped them improve their efficiency and productivity and allowed them to maximize the ROI of their business.

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