Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for CETEC Group

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CETEC Group is a Canadian Company operating in the manufacturing industry. The company is a National Manufacturers Representative that works with other businesses. CETEC Group has built an extensive dealership network over the years and has experience in a variety of industry verticals. Ever since 1997, CETEC Group has helped dealerships, businesses, and end-users fulfill their needs.


CETEC Group has developed an extensive dealership network that is a vital part of its business model. The company operates as a liaison between different parties, helping them source equipment and resources in order to enable their businesses. CETEC’s network consists of dealerships, consultants, manufacturers, and end-users.

In order to manage its business network more effectively, CETEC was in need of a customized CRM solution that would fulfill its specific needs. The company reached out to Rolustech with its requirements. CETEC’s primary requirement was to obtain a software solution that could further enable their business model by improving the company’s ability to track its operations on multiple fronts.

CETEC Group was in need of a customized CRM solution that would help the company manage its business network more efficiently. Our team of certified experts analyzed the company’s requirements and their current workflows in order to design a solution that met its needs.

In order to fulfill CETEC’s requirements, an extensively customized CRM platform was needed. Rolsutech proposed a number of customizations for CETEC. Here’s an overview of the customizations that were proposed to CETEC Group:

  • The ability to customize quotations based on different currencies
  • Added security features to track who’s using CETEC’s CRM platform
  • Miscellaneous customizations in order to mold the CRM platform for CETEC Group’s business processes

CRM Customizations

Rolustech’s proposed solution focused on providing CETEC Group with a customized CRM solution that met all its requirements to the letter. Our team added functionality that allowed CETEC to generate quotes for multiple currencies. We also added functionality that enabled the company to manage its pricing mechanism and sales pipeline more effectively.
Customizations made to CETEC’s quote management capabilities proved to be the most complex, and also the most useful for the company.



The customizations implemented by our team provided CETEC with a highly functional CRM platform. CETEC Group was thoroughly satisfied with the solution that we implemented. It helped the company manage its vast business network better and increase the overall efficiency of its business.

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