CETEC Group is a National Manufacturers Representative. It covers the entirety of Canada and provides the best manufacturers in the industry with a diverse range of products. CETEC operates in a B2B model with an extensive dealership network. CETEC Group was established in 1997 and has provided solutions in a range of industries, meeting all project requirements to date.


CETEC Group works with an extensive dealer network under its wing which translates into a huge chunk in its turnover. CETEC Group serves as a liaison that connects dealers and customers to the equipment they need. Dealers, along with Vendors, Manufacturers, Consultants, and end-users make up the list of entities directly in contact with CETEC Group. In order to optimize and oversee this complex interconnected set of variables, CETEC Group got in touch with Rolustech for a customized CRM solution that could help it organize its business processes and procedures, as well as track its equipment along multiple channels.


With the requirements laid out, Rolustech put its Certified Developers to work on the project. Based on initial correspondences, Rolustech proposed extensive customization across the board. Apart from Contact and Product Management, CETEC Group also needed a price management mechanism and a sales pipeline layout. But perhaps the most complex and time-consuming task was the Quotes customization that optimized the majority of CETEC Group’s processes.


CETEC Group was thoroughly satisfied with the solution provided by Rolustech. The various customization streamlined business processes and simplified management of various variables involved. Rolustech and CETEC Group continue to collaborate and have been in touch ever since.

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