Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Sanfied Clubhouse

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Sanfied Club House is a mental health wellness company operating in the health industry. Sanfied helps people with mental health diagnoses to cope with their conditions by providing them with a welcoming and nurturing environment. For more than a decade, Sanfied has helped people find a place for themselves in society and develop themselves as functional human beings.


Sanfied has been managing its business processes with the help of a CRM platform. However, Sanfied’s current CRM solution was not fulfilling their requirements and they were looking to migrate to another platform. Sanfied had been facing challenges during its CRM migration process and reached out to Rolustech for assistance.

Sanfied’s existing data structure was quite complex, making it difficult to migrate to a new platform without data loss. It was crucial to fully understand their data structure and business processes so their data could be transferred properly.

In order to fully enable Sanfied’s new CRM platform, extensive customizations were required as well.

In order to provide Sanfied with a seamless data migration process, our team proposed the following solution:

  • Devise a thorough data migration plan for Sanfied’s data
  • Customize Sanfied’s new CRM platform in order to make it suitable for their existing data

Our certified developers have an extensive amount of experience in data migration. Therefore, they were already familiar with all the pain points and complications of migrating complex data to a new platform.

Data Migration Plan

Sanfied’s existing CRM platform was already customized and integrated with third-party apps. This meant that the data it contained was too complex to be transferred to a new CRM platform right away. To ensure that no data was lost or corrupted during migration, our team thoroughly analyzed Sanfied’s data structure and its existing CRM solution.

Based on our analysis, we made several customizations to Sanfied’s new CRM solution. This prevented crucial data from being lost or corrupted during migration.


CRM Customization

Our team prepared Sanfied’s new CRM solution with several customizations.

  • We replicated the complex record type that existed in Sanfied’s existing CRM solution. This ensured that their data would be migrated with complete accuracy.
  • In order to make the migration process as simple for Sanfied as possible, our team developed a number of custom navigational screens for the new CRM as well.
  • Lastly, our CRM customization plan introduced workflow automation functionality to Sanfied’s new system. We also developed and implemented custom modules that increased the functionality of Sanfied’s new CRM solution.


The data migration process that Rolustech proposed and executed helped Sanfied Club House transition to a new platform in a hassle-free manner. All of Sanfied’s existing workflows were replicated in their new platform and no data was lost. Sanfied was so impressed with our services that they decided to establish a long-term business relationship with our team.

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