Sanfied Club House

Sanfied Club House is a welfare and recovery house that provides its inhabitants with the tools to form unique relationships and cope with mental health diagnosis. The Sanfied Club House serves as the pillar that ensures individuals find their place in the community by helping them find their talents. Sanfied Club House has been in existence for over 10 years and has cemented its place as one of the best in the industry.


The client contacted Rolustech for a CRM Migration challenge that it was facing. At the time of initial contact, Sanfied Club House was managing all of its various processes in Salesforce; these included numerous Salesforce Integration and Salesforce Customization. In order to ensure a seamless migration, it was crucial to understand the complex workflows and processes in place, and also replicate them properly. Sanfied’s current implementation was not financially optimized according to its processes and it was in need of a migration to a non-proprietary platform.


Rolustech quickly went to work on the proposed migration and set its Certified Developers to the task of making this as seamless as possible. The complexity of the Record types implementation was replicated with precision and accuracy. Numerous customized navigational screens were created to provide the client with a seamless transition to its new platform. Workflow automation and custom modules were also created and implemented.


Sanfied Clubhouse was pleased with the seamless and efficient migration conducted by Rolustech. Its processes and workflows were effortlessly replicated on the new platform without affecting any of its business processes. The client signed a support contract and has been in touch with Rolustech ever since.

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