Clemens Kleine

Clemens Kleine is a family owned service provider based in Germany that prides itself on its company policy of continuity, efficiency, and excellence. Clemens Kleine forms the pillars of a foundation that enjoys highest priority in cleanliness, safety, and helpfulness. Since 1906, they have grown into one of the largest service providers in Germany and are attested by DEKRA.


The client got in touch with Rolustech regarding customizations to its Quotation and Services process. The functionality they were looking for was not possible in the default X2CRM. The client had recently implemented X2CRM and wanted to customize it to its business requirements. They wanted custom fields and functionalities in a number of different modules with role based restrictions implemented across the X2CRM platform.


Rolustech conducted a thorough business analysis for Clemens Kleine and provided a layout of X2CRM customizations to be implemented. Their Quotes and Services module was completely customized to suit their business needs and requirements. The PDF templates in this module were customized to give it a personalized touch and sequence logic for line items was executed. An email logging functionality was also implemented along with role based sharing of documents. These customizations were aimed at reducing the time spent on support tasks and manual work and worked perfectly for that cause.


Clemens Kleine were thoroughly satisfied with the solution provided by Rolustech. Their CRM was now managing all email communication. Furthermore, the Quote Generation Process was now automated and improved with custom code. The client signed a support contract and continues to enjoy the platform customized by Rolustech.

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