Case Study: Customized CRM for Services Industry

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Clemens Kleine is a family-owned company operating in Germany’s investment industry since 1906. The company has established a name for itself for focusing on efficiency and excellence. Since its inception, Clemens Kleine has become a giant in Germany’s investment industry and has even been attested by DERKA.


Clemens Kleine had implemented a new CRM solution and was looking to have it customized. Their default CRM solution was unable to fulfill all of their requirements. The company reached out to Rolustech with its requirements. Clemens Kleine needed someone who could customize how their CRM solution handled quotation and service processes. They also needed custom fields added to their existing solution.

Rolustech identified that Clemens Kleine wanted to customize its CRM solution in order to mold it according to its business processes. Our team developed a plan of action and proposed a well-rounded solution to meet Clemens Kleine’s requirements.

In order to mold Clemens Kleine’s existing CRM solution according to its requirements, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s operations. Our team gathered insight into how the company worked and based on this, we proposed a number of CRM customizations to Clemens Kleine.

Here’s an overview of what our team proposed to Clemens Kleine:

  • Advanced customization of their Quotes and Services module
  • Implementation of an email logging system in order to add role-based access control to their system
  • Various miscellaneous customizations in order to personalize their CRM according to their business needs.

All the customizations that our team deployed help personalize Clemens Kleine’s CRM solution. By molding their CRM according to their business processes, the company was able to automate various manual tasks. This helped increase their efficiency and make their CRM solutions more functional.



Thanks to the customizations deployed by Rolustech, Clemens Kleine was able to get more done with their CRM solution. The company was satisfied with our solution since they were able to make their processes more efficient. The successful customization solution that we deployed helped us develop a long-term business relationship with Clemens Kleine.

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