NorthCoast Flusika

NorthCoast Flusika is SaaS provider in Malaysia that provides a number of different enterprise level solutions. NorthCoast Flusika has been in business since 2006 and has delivered software services for numerous organizations in the HealthCare Industry.


The client contacted Rolustech to get a Customer Relationship Management system that would help him optimize his operations. NorthCoast Flusika had a SugarCRM 5.5 and wanted certain SugarCRM Integrations and Customization carried out on this platform. The client also required a customized SugarCRM that would exude its brand identity.


Rolustech put its certified SugarCRM developers to work and gave NorthCoast Flusika the solution it needed. To help NorthCoast Flusika optimize its business process, Rolustech implemented Kanban view for Tasks, Bugs, Cases, and Opportunities. A Favorites feature was also implemented along with multiple tab dashboards. In terms of their branding, Rolustech implemented a customized theme and customized icons throughout the client’s SugarCRM platform to give its users a unique experience.


The client was thoroughly pleased with the swift project delivery and signed a support contract for further collaborations down the road. The SugarCRM customizations in both functionality and design helped NorthCoast Flusika increase their market presence and revenue.

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