SugarCRM Case Study of NorthCoast Flusika

Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for NorthCoast Flusika

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NorthCoast Flusika is a Malaysian company operating in the Software industry. The company has been delivering SaaS products since 2006 to numerous enterprise-level clients. NorthCoast’s primary clientele is in the Healthcare industry.

NorthCoast Flusika was using a CRM solution that was not fulfilling all of its requirements. In order to make better use of their existing system, NorthCoast wanted to have their CRM solution customized and integrated with third-party apps. The company also wanted to customize the look and feel of its CRM platform in order to align its aesthetics with its company branding.

NorthCoast Flusika had multiple requirements. Our team proposed a well-rounded solution that helped NorthCoast make its CRM platform truly it’s own.

Our team of certified CRM experts analyzed NorthCoast’s business processes in order to devise a well-rounded solution for the company. In order to mold NorthCoast’s CRM according to its business needs, our team proposed the following solution:

  • Various customizations to their CRM platform
  • Integrations with other software that the company was using
  • Theme customizations

CRM Customization

In order to increase the functionality of its CRM platform, our team customized NorthCoast’s CRM. One of the most useful customizations was the addition of Kanban View for managing tasks, cases, opportunities, and bugs. Its default dashboard was customized to have multiple tabs and have a favorites feature as well.

Our team also customized NorthCoast’s theme in accordance with the company’s branding. The extensive theme customization added custom icons and brand coloring all across the platform.

CRM Integration

NorthCoast’s business processes were relying on other software as well. Our team integrated its CRM platform with these applications in order to increase the functionality of NorthCoast’s overall business environment.



The solution that was planned and implemented by our team helped NorthCoast Flusika make the most out of its CRM solution. The company was so impressed with our services that they decided to sign a support contract with our team as well. NorthCoast’s customized CRM helped the company maximize its revenue and expand its market presence.

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