Sicom Testing

Sicom Testing has been a consistent presence in the quality control industry since 2003. Over the years, they have expanded and achieved testing milestones in multiple industries and businesses. Sicom Testing houses a team consisting of engineers, physicists, and technicians well versed in testing product quality.


Sicom Testing were in need of a comprehensive CRM solution that could help them manage their processes in a more efficient manner. At the time of initial contact, Sicom Testing did not have a system in place that could help them exercise the full potential of their organization. Manual processes and lack of automation were hindering their productivity. Multiple business processes i.e. order management, test schedules, and payment protocols were completed manually. Consequently, Sicom Testing were looking for a solution that allowed for automation and a consolidated view of their operations; both of which were requirements that could be easily met with Sugar Customization.


Our Certified SugarCRM Developers quickly went about their business in order to provide Sicom Testing with a custom SugarCRM solution. Rolustech proposed workflow automation to meet their requirement of efficient order management. Custom modules were created for numerous different business processes to categorize their functions and give the admins a holistic view of the business progress. A user role access system was implemented, custom reports were built and responsive dashlets were implemented to truly make this CRM solution unique for Sicom Testing. A communication mechanism and customer feedback process was also implemented into their Sugar.


Sicom Testing were thoroughly satisfied with the solution provided by Rolustech. Process and workflow automations helped them save valuable time in every aspect of their business, and the customization to modules, dashlet, and reports exponentially increased their productivity and progress.

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