Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Quality Control

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Sicom Testing has made a name for itself in the quality control industry over the last 12 years. The company was founded in 2003 and has been providing various businesses with quality control-related services. Sicom’s team consists of various engineers, technicians, physicists, and other experts with experience in quality control and assurance.


Sicom Testing had no dedicated system in place to manage its sales, leads, and other business processes. Due to this, the company had been having a hard time maintaining its efficiency. Sicom Testing reached out to Rolustech and shared its problem with us. We recommended that Sicom invests in a customized CRM solution that would automate its business processes and also improve the company’s ability to collect, process, and maintain its data.

Sicom needed a solution that would help them automate tasks such as order management, payment protocols, and test schedules. The company also needed a solution that would enhance its ability to analyze data.


In order to fulfill Sicom’s requirements, a comprehensive solution was needed. Our team analyzed Sicom’s business carefully in order to develop a better understanding of Sicom Testing worked. Based on the insight that we obtained, we proposed the following to the company:

  • Develop a customized CRM solution for the company
  • Implement the customized CRM solution for Sicom Testing

Our team took several steps to customize a new CRM instance and mold it into something that would meet Sicom’s needs to the letter.


Customized CRM Solution

Our team helped Sicom Testing pick an ideal CRM solution and then we began its customizations. We implemented workflow automation in order to improve Sicom’s overall efficiency. We also developed and implemented a number of custom modules that increased the overall functionality of its CRM platform.

We also made customizations to how Sicom’s CRM presented data. Our team developed custom reports and responsive dashlets as well.


Sicom Testing was quite satisfied with the solution that our team proposed and implemented. Sicom was equipped with a customized CRM solution that enabled the company in automating many of its workflows. The company was also able to improve its ability to process data and make decisions based on its data.

Overall, Sicom Testing was able to improve its productivity and progress as a company with the help of a customized CRM solution.

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