Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Hex Engineers

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Hex Engineers had been using Salesforce as its CRM platform for quite some time. The company was looking to have its CRM solution integrated with QuickBooks, a third-party accounting app. Hex Engineers was already using QuickBooks to manage all of its accounting processes. The company was now feeling the need to integrated QuickBooks with their Salesforce CRM.

Hex Engineers needed CRM integration since having to switch between two platforms was becoming cumbersome. Since both platforms already had their own data, integrating them seamlessly was going to be a challenge. Our team realized that integrating two separate platforms was going to be a delicate process.


In order to fulfill Hex’s requirements, our team started off by analyzing the company’s Salesforce and QuickBooks platforms. Our Salesforce certified developers proposed a solution that connected both of their platforms together.

In order to integrated QuickBooks with Salesforce, we used QuickBook’s API and built an integration solution around it. The end result was a single unified platform that let Hex interact with both platforms in a seamless manner. The integration allowed Hex Engineers to access their QuickBooks data through Salesforce. The company could generate invoices through Salesforce and enjoy various other features that expanded the functionality of both platforms.



The solution that we designed and implemented for Hex Engineers allowed the company to make the most of both platforms. The Salesforce integration increased the functionality of both platforms. This helped Hex Engineers increase their productivity and improve their overall business processes.

Hex Engineers was incredibly happy with our services and the company ended up developing a long-term business relationship with Rolustech.

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