DezShop is an organization that supplies spare car parts in the Logistics Industry. DezShop is based in Romania in the Agigea Center, a car parts park that provides a range of spare car accessories including body elements, gearboxes, engines etc. DezShop is one of the leading businesses in its category and has been providing its services for the better part of the last decade.


DezShop was in need of a comprehensive solution that would streamline its business processes. Its expertise in spare car parts meant that there were a host of different variables in play that had to work cohesively in order to give DezShop a holistic view of its operations. Excel sheets and other similar tools can be a troublesome exercise when it comes to management and updates. In order to solve DezShop’s issues, Rolustech recommended a CRM solution that could compartmentalize the various entities in play and organize spare parts based on a number of important features. Extensive CRM Customization was also recommended to mold the CRM according to the business needs of DezShop.


Rolustech quickly put its certified CRM developers to work on this project. A Custom CRM solution was created with custom fields and new modules. The Leads, Quotes, and Tasks modules were customized to augment the system into optimizing the customer journey and custom acquisition processes. A new module was created to provide car info pertaining to every listing. DezShop also required custom forms to consolidate Quotes creation, tasks, and car information on one screen. Line item functionality was also customized according to the client requirements. Furthermore, a Mobile App was created to provide DezShop with all of its CRM functionality while on the go!


DezShop was highly satisfied with the solution provided by Rolustech. The module customization and creations greatly helped it organize and amplify its business processes. Custom forms and line item functionalities helped DezShop close deals faster and also improved customer interactions. DezShop and Rolustech continue to be in touch as Rolustech provides its SugarCRM Support services.

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