Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for DezShop

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DezShop has more than a decade of experience in the logistics industry. The company supplies spare car parts to a variety of customers in Romania. DezShop has made a name for itself by providing people with quality products and services.

DezShop had been managing all of its business processes manually. Their existing method of handling data was beginning to hold the company back. DezShop reached out to us, looking for a comprehensive solution that would help the company maintain its inventory, customer handling, and other business processes more efficiently.

To meet all of DezShop’s requirements, our team proposed the implementation of a customized CRM solution. The company needed a solution that would:

  • Improve its ability to manage its inventory
  • Make their data updating methods more efficient
  • Optimize their customer journey and sales processes
  • Development of a Mobile app for accessing its CRM on the go

Our team of certified developers analyzed DezShop’s processes and its requirements. Based on our insight, we began developing a customized CRM solution that would be able to address all of DezShop’s business needs.

Customized CRM Solution

DezShop needed a customized solution that would improve its sales and inventory management. In order to implement a platform with these capabilities, a number of CRM customizations were required.

Our team began by developing custom fields and new modules to personalize DezShop’s CRM solution. We also made a number of customizations that completely revamped DezShop’s leads, quotes, and tasks module. All of these customizations revolved around improving the platforms’ workflow management.

Along with extensive customizations, we also developed a mobile application to work with DezShop’s CRM platform. The mobile application allowed DezShop to interact with its CRM platform while on the go



Rolustech designed and delivered a completely customized solution to DezShop. The customized CRM enabled DezShop to manage its inventory and sales processes more efficiently. DezShop was able to keep a track of its sales and improve its business effort. DezShop was quite impressed with our services and even signed a support agreement with our team.

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