Griffin Capital Securities

Griffin Capital Securities has been in existence since 1995 and offers cutting-edge investment products, services, and advisory services. It is an industry leader in a number of different verticals and primarily has four investment opportunities and manages a plethora of institutional quality financial solutions.


As an asset and investment management firm, Griffin Capital were looking for a customized CRM plugin that could optimize their sales and asset management processes. They had an extensive client database that needed to be segmented and filtered to help their sales agent visualize and prioritize operations based on a number of factors. A customized CRM plugin that could integrate with their CRM as well as Google Maps would help them visualize their clients and their locations and equip their sales team with all the necessary tools needed to close deals faster. Rolustech proposed RT SalesMap to meet this requirement.


However, RT SalesMap, despite being an award winning CRM plugin, needed multiple customization to align it perfectly with the requirements of Griffin Capital.

  • A functionality was added that allowed multiple fields to be selected in different modules to improve the filtering capabilities.
  • By default one address only showed one contact on Google Maps, this was customized to show as many contacts available on one location.
  • When selecting a defined radius on the map, only the contacts that correspond to that radius are displayed.
  • Any contact can be searched on the map with a search functionality.

The added customization tailored RT SalesMap to the exact needs of Griffin Capital and equipped their Sales team for better management.


The customized RT SalesMap proved to be a limitless solution for Griffin Capital and helped them organize and manage their processes with the benefit of visual representation on Google Maps. Their sales team was now capable of corresponding with the client on the go and in a position to maximize ROI and productivity.

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