Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Griffin Capital

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The company needed a CRM solution that would optimize its asset management and sales process. Their end goal was to enhance their efficiency in order to improve their existing business processes.

Griffin Capital has an extensive list of clients from different verticals. This made their business processes too complex for an off-the-shelf CRM solution. In order to have their needs fulfilled, Griffin required a customized CRM plugin that would be able to handle their business processes.

Griffin’s client database needed to be filtered and segmented in order to make data visualization easier. The company needed a solution that will allow its agents to understand its data better and use it to make informed decisions. Rolustech provided them a solution in the form of our in-house plugin: RT Salesmap.


RT Salesmap is a customized CRM plugin that integrates your CRM solution with Google Maps. This integration allows businesses to visualize the locations of their clients, along with other relevant information. This allows businesses to close deals faster. RT Salesmap met Griffin’s requirements quite well. However, it still required further customization in order to fulfill all of their requirements.

The solution that we pitched to Griffin Capital has two primary aspects:

  1. Equipping Griffin with the ability to integrate their CRM with Google Maps through RT Salesmap.
  2. Further customizing RT Salesmap in order to meet Griffin’s unique business requirements.

Integration with RT Salesmap

RT Salesmap is an award-winning CRM plugin that was designed and developed by Rolustech. Its main functionality is to integrate an existing CRM solution with Google Maps. By doing so, RT Salesmap greatly enhances a business’s ability to visualize critical data about its clients.

The functionality that RT Salesmap has to offer helped Griffin Capital’s agents visualize each client’s location. This information helped the company better prioritize its operations.

In its vanilla form, RT Salesmap brought the following functionality to the table:

  • Records’ Visualization: all your leads, accounts, and contacts can be viewed on Google Maps, allowing you to visualize their location.
  • Radial Search: set a radius on the map and prioritize all records within the circle.
  • Custom Search: combine default filters with custom fields in order to fine-tune your search results.
  • Mobile Compatible: your sales reps can tap into all the features that RT Salesmap has to offer from their mobiles while on the go.

Further Customization of RT Salesmap

In order to meet all of Griffin Capital’s needs, RT Salesmap required further customization. Our team assessed all of Griffin’s workings and requirements and made a number of customizations. The end result was a unique CRM plugin that went hand-in-hand with Griffin Capital’s business processes.

Here’s how our team customized RT Salesmap for Griffin Capital:

  • Multi-select fields in filters: the company had several multi-select fields that were needed for filtering contacts. With vanilla Salemap, when you add a multi-select field to the filter, it shows the condition (e.g. is one of), but there are no drop-down values to select. They need multi-select fields working as present in Sugar list view filters.
  • Display multiple Contacts at the same Address: by default, Salesmap only displays one contact per location. Since Griffin had an extensive list of clients, they needed to increase the number of contacts visible per location.
  • Radius Search: Salesmap default radius search feature was customized in order to expand its contact limiting functionality. After customization, Griffin had the option to use radius search when filtering contacts as well.
  • Customize fields shown in a bubble when clicking on PIN: Griffin wanted the option to define what information should be shown whenever a client on the map is selected. After customization, the ability to define what fields are shown was added to Salesmap.
  • Export Contact List to CSV: the company wanted the option to export its contact list to CSV in order to make data export easier. We added this functionality to their custom plugin as well.
    Ability to Locate a Contact on the Map: the vanilla version of Salesmap shows all clients on a map. We customized this feature and added the option to search for individual contacts on the map as well.
  • Filter Field List type-ahead filtering: by default, Salesmap does not let you create filters for your field types. Since Griffin had a lot of data, it needed the option to filter fields by name. This made sifting through their database easier for the company.

All of these customizations helped mold RT Salesmap to meet all of Griffin’s business needs. The end result was a customized plugin that greatly enhanced the capabilities of their CRM software.


A customized version of RT Salesmap helped Griffin Capital unleash the full potential of their CRM solution. Rolustech’s custom plugin addressed all of their pain points and provided them with a solution that helped them streamline their processes.

On its own, RT Salesmap’s ability to visualize data and present it on Google Maps proved to be a massive help for Griffin Capital. And with the many customizations that our team implemented, Griffin was able to make the most out of RT Salesmap.

After implementation, Griffin’s sales team was able to manage clients with greater efficiency. This helped the company identify and seize opportunities, maximize productivity, and increase ROI.

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