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The CRM in place was at a primary level, not compatible with other systems and unable to manage complete business operations of the company.


Rolustech implemented Sugar for Auto Accelerator along with several third party integrations to streamline the company’s Sales efforts and Lead Management.

The idea of developing a process to build customer satisfaction and loyalty at dealership came to Tom Durant in 1997. He soon approached Alicia Harris to implement the idea by initiating follow-up phone calls to customers to ensure their satisfaction.
This was the beginning of an Automotive CRM Solution. Over the years, the CRM Solution evolved and finally in 2010 the Auto Accelerator CRM was launched. Today, it is considered to be a revolutionary CRM system by dealership personnel and automotive industry professionals.

Initially in 2007 Alicia Harris, the CEO of Auto Accelerator approached Rolustech for some minor adjustments in their Automotive CRM Solution. After assessing the needs of Auto Accelerator, it soon became apparent that the CRM solution that was currently in place was at a primary level and taking into account the growth rate of the company, it would soon be unable to manage its operations. Moreover, the CRM solution being employed could not be integrated with other systems which meant that Auto Accelerator was beginning to lose out in the market.

As a result, Rolustech analyzed the architecture of the system at Auto Accelerator and recommended a Sugar CRM solution. The Sugar that was customized according to the unique needs of Auto Accelerator. Firstly, it allowed third party systems to be integrated with the CRM which allowed more information to be stored in the CRM system. With more information available on a single platform, several parties were able to benefit from it, for instance, it became easier to produce the latest leads by the manufacturers. Some of the third party integrations include integration with Kelley Blue Book which contains a comprehensive set of information regarding vehicle valuation and automotive research. Moreover, integration was with Evox Media which added high quality pictures, videos and reviews about vehicles. Overall, the third party integrations enabled Auto Accelerator to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Furthermore, Rolustech worked on making the CRM system more users friendly. Not only was the view level customized but different layouts were designed and eventually the CRM system was developed as a single page application. Consequently, there was an improvement in the experience of users as they were able to save costs in terms of time. For the first time, Rolustech developed the feature of SMS/Click to call in the CRM system, making it convenient for users to maintain contact. The Sugar CRM system also generated customized reports which allowed Auto Accelerator to analyze its position in the market.

On the whole, a total of 85 features were customized and added to the Sugar CRM to assist Auto Accelerator in dealing with dealerships and automotive manufacturers. Rolustech continues to dedicate five developers to facilitate Auto Accelerator in light of the support contract.

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