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WM Printing- Customized SugarCRM for Printing Industry


The business processes at WM Printing were being carried out with inefficient tools and resources. WM Printing wanted to manage their expanding customer base and their growing demands, whilst making sure that the highest quality of customer service was to be proffered simultaneously.


WM Printing, with the help of Rolustech, was able to enhance the business procedures and manage their customer base much more efficiently. With resourceful integrations like Quickbooks, PayPal, e-mail customization and quotes module within their Sugar CRM, WM Printing paved the way for an enhanced customer experience and the ability to reach out to a fresh foundation of potential clients.

WM Printing is a company based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company was launched to cater massive printing orders for brochures, T-shirts and other goods. Previously, WM Printing was using another vendor to regale their software necessities but soon transferred their vendorship rights to Rolustech.

WM Printing is a customer centered business which seeks to create long term and complementary relationships with its customers. Their customers include some of the top tier and far reaching industries as well as some relatively small vendors. Mr. AJ Gulli approached Rolustech directly for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

He supplemented Team Rolustech with all the necessary statistics. WM Printing was lacking the tools and online resources needed to manage their expanding customer base. There was clearly a marked incursion of customers and data within their industry. With the current procedures and systems in place, WM Printing was facing grueling complications to serve its customers and their growing demands.

After a thorough analysis of WM Printing’s requirements, Rolustech’s team of experts led by Mr. Imad Ali recommended some integrations and customizations within their SugarCRM. The software was easily customized according to WM Printing’s unique needs that enabled the company to cater their consumers and provide an enhanced customer experience in coherent modus operandi. Furthermore, integrations within their Sugaroffered WM Printing the option to set up email campaigns in order to reach out to potential customers of the growing retail and printing industry. This would allow them to generate automated e-mails, without having to face the hassle of keeping a manual record of all their potential customers. Apart from this, PayPal, QuickBooks, Credit Card customization and payment modules were also incorporated into their Sugar.

The purpose of these integrations was to provide the consumers with different payment options and methods. The customers would now have the power to select the procedure of payments. Now, WM Printing was able to accept potentially any form of electronic or real time money transfer. Apart from this, customized delivery and quotes modules were also engulfed into their Sugar. Using the quotes module, WM Printing was able to estimate the pricing, taxation and other financial calculations. Similarly, the delivery module would keep track of the status of all projects from the moment they are created, till the moment when they are finalized. All of these customizations and integrations not only enhanced the workflow and procedures of the firm, but also left a significant impact on the customer experience, retention, and high level of professional conduct that WM Printing desired.

WM Printing has thoroughly expressed their appreciation towards Rolustech, especially towards Mr. Imad and his team who reacted in a prompt and responsive manner. The collaboration continues till date. WM Printing, with the help of Rolustech,is planning for further enhancing its business procedures and strategies with more customizations and integrations.

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