Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Printing Industry

WM Printing is a company based in Boca Raton, Florida. It was launched to cater to massive printing orders for brochures, T-shirts and other goods. WM Printing is a customer centered business that seeks to create long term relationships with its customers. Their customers include some of the most top tier and far reaching industries as well as some relatively smaller vendors.


The business processes at WM Printing were being carried out with inefficient tools and resources. WM Printing wanted to manage their expanding customer base and their growing demands, whilst making sure that the highest quality of customer service was being offered to clients. However, they were lacking the tools and online resources needed to achieve this. There was clearly a marked dissociation between customers and data within their industry.


After a thorough analysis of WM Printing’s requirements, Rolustech’s team of SugarCRM experts recommended some SugarCRM integrations and customization. Integrations for setting up automated email campaigns were implemented. Apart from this, integrations with Quickbooks and PayPal were also implemented along with Credit Card customization, custom payment modules, and custom quotes modules.


The automated email campaign integrations allowed them reach out to potential customers without the hassle of manual entry. The various payment solutions enabled them to provide their consumers with flexible payment options. The quotes and delivery custom modules allowed them to keep track of all their financial calculations and project statuses respectively.
WM Printing has thoroughly expressed their appreciation towards Rolustech and is still collaborating with us to further enhance their business processes.

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