Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Texas Tax Group

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Texas Tax Group was established in 2007 by Dino Marcaccio, a former Texas Comptroller State Tax Auditor, and is recognized today as one of the leading state tax consulting firms in Texas. It specializes in managing state tax audits, refund requests and voluntary disclosure agreements for businesses and CPA firms, and offers expert testimony and support services to law firms. Currently, the company has an exclusive team of 20 former state tax auditors, supervisors and policy experts and offices are located in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.


In order to better cater to its clients, Texas Tax Group was in search of a holistic and centralized system for managing client audit histories and financials. Previously, it was using Excel for these purposes but proved to be cumbersome and incapable of sustaining its ever-growing financial data. Texas Tax Group also wanted to utilize this opportunity to streamline its business processes and boost productivity. Case in point, the Texas Comptroller would send taxpayer’s information in non-CSV files and extracting this data required manual effort. Moreover, it wanted to promote transparency and improve coordination between its consultants and clients.


  • SugarCRM implemented.
  • Custom data import script implemented in SugarCRM.
  • Payment Distribution process implemented in SugarCRM and rules defined for distribution and consumption of retainer fees among consultants and staff.
  • Custom Timesheets module implemented allowing consultants to log their work hours against the particulars of the taxpayer’s projects.
  • SugarCRM integration with QuickBooks for invoice generation, logging, tracking and bi-directional synchronization of transactions and billing information.
  • Complex Consultants Invoicing module built to allow consultants to generate and send TTG invoices for their rendered services.
  • SugarCRM integration with Act-On for marketing automation and setting up email campaigns using Taxpayer’s Contacts.

SugarCRM integration with RingCentral Virtual PBX for video-conferencing, making notes during calls along with all the standard CTI functions.



SugarCRM provided a solid foundation for Texas Tax Group’s (TTG) new financial management system. Using the fully automated payment distribution process, TTG can now quickly distribute retainer fees, initiate new projects and have full visibility into available funds for a given project. Its import process is now more versatile and capable of accommodating non-CSV files. QuickBooks integration simplified finance management for Texas Tax Group and its consultants. All-in-all, TTG now has a complete 360-degree view of all of its business processes that allows it to better coordinate with its consultants and better serve its clients.

We have been working with Texas Tax Group for the past 7 years and our SugarCRM developers are constantly optimizing and enhancing the functionalities of its CRM. In the near future, we will be implementing a document parsing feature that will enable TTG to automatically fetch taxpayer details from the CRM into a contract template that can then be forwarded to its customers.

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