Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for PSI

psi min

Portable Solutions for Industry (PSI) is a small sized company based in the United Kingdom well known for its unique products in the computer hardware industry. PSI has more than 80 years of experience in various application areas, which allows it to remain competitive in the market. It’s extensive expertise covers all popular makes of handheld terminals, palmtops, PDAs, pen-based devices and radio frequency data communication devices.


PSI’s system did not have the capacity to handle the growing amount of data. PSI was using a desktop based application which could only cater to a limited number of clients, and upgrades were being deployed at a slow pace. It was evident that they were in immediate need of a Customer Relationship Management solution to bring their operations up to speed and optimize their tasks and processes. Rolustech quickly got to work on a CRM solution for the Manufacturing Industry to facilitate PSI.


Rolustech proposed the following solutions to help PSI with their requirements:



Rolustech successfully moved over 500 million quantities of data in just two weeks. The MailChimp integration made it easier for PSI to reach out to customers via email campaigns. The custom made monthly revenue forecasting report facilitated PSI’s client dealings as they could now predict the ROI more accurately. Rolustech’s on-site SugarCRM training ensured smooth implementation of the solution and ensured that adoption rates did not drop. The assistance provided by Rolustech throughout the course of the project eventually convinced PSI to sign a support contract which strengthened their relationship. Rolustech continues to provide PSI with CRM support and has collaborated multiple times ever since.

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