Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Electrical Industry

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Keystone Technologies was founded by Marvin Spielman and Harold Fox, brothers-in-law returning home from World War II. Fluorescent lighting was just becoming a popular, energy-efficient alternative to incandescent, so the two budding entrepreneurs formed Keystone in Philadelphia with a singular focus on manufacturing ballasts and transformers. Keystone Technologies now specialize in selling LED lighting products to domestic consumers and companies.


Keystone Technologies was using Sugar 7 Professional Edition for its business. After expanding its product offering, the company found it difficult to accommodate diverse sales channels. There was a growing realization that an out-of-the-box Sugar solution was not entirely serving its business needs. Hence, the need arose to get the CRM customized to augment its functionality.

Multiple sessions took place to work out the customization and integrations that would fulfill the requirements of Keystone Technologies.


To keep information in sync between Sugar and Google apps, RT GSync was integrated with Keystone’s CRM.
To simplify the complex decision-making process due to large data sets, and to enable the company to get an accurate picture of product profitability, custom reports were built.
File Transfer Protocol was integrated with Sugar.
The default functionality of Roles & Privileges was extended to mitigate security concerns.



The customization and integrations enabled Keystone Technologies to gain a tighter grip over its business activities. RT GSync streamlined tasks by removing the inefficiencies that result when multiple platforms need to be updated simultaneously. Custom reports delivered timely and accurate information that aided in making data-driven business decisions. The customized solution optimized business performance and further aided Keystone Technologies in delivering exceptional customer experience.

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