Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Memorial Services

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Indiana Memorial Group (IMG) owns and operates 10 cemeteries and 2 funeral homes throughout Indiana. Its Executive Management Team includes third generation cemetery owners with more than 100 years of experience. IMG’s goal is to provide extraordinary service and care to the families.


Due to its ever increasing customer base, IMG was finding it very difficult to manage its daily operations using Sugar Community Edition (CE). In order to get a comprehensive view of its customers and to provide excellent customer service, it realized the need to augment the functionality of its CRM to make it more robust that would serve as a single data entry point for all information related to clients.


SugarCRM integrated with IMG’s website to automatically capture leads into the CRM.
SugarCRM theme customized to give it a vibrant and intuitive look.
Twilio integrated for click-to-call and SMS features along with SMS alerts and a phone check field customization built so every client/lead has at least one number saved in the CRM.
Google Maps integrated to visualize all Leads, Contacts and Accounts on Google Maps.
DocuSign integrated to upload, track and send multiple documents to customers.
Calendar module customized to keep track of all interactions with the customer.
Zucker Reports installed to enhance Sugar’s reporting capabilities.



All the integrations and customization were carried out seamlessly as per IMG’s needs. The open-source Sugar CE allowed for a tailored solution that could handle all of its business operations swiftly and smoothly. Customers could be easily contacted through call or SMS using Twilio. Document processing was made more efficient through DocuSign integration. Reporting functionality allowed IMG to assess employee and organizational performance. All in all, IMG was equipped with a unified platform that made employees more productive and business operations more efficient.

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