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Murano was established to provide a personal, bespoke service to identify specific investors for client’s funds. Murano’s expertise encompasses the full spectrum of investment strategies. Its research analysts are speaking with investors all over the globe about investment strategies, and searching for matches between investor requirements and the universe of available funds. Murano understands where investors are looking to allocate and what their requirements are in order to help facilitate relevant conversations.


Ole Rollag from Murano Connect contacted Rolustech about certain CRM customization and integrations. His company’s area of expertise was in Funds & Investment Management and was looking for a CRM to automate tasks including investor record management, sorting, and custom reports. Murano Connect wanted its CRM processes to be tailored and enhanced according to its needs. Murano also required a CRM portal for analyzing daily, weekly, and monthly performance of its users in order to improve strategies to maximize ROI. It was presently using excel sheets that needed manual updates multiple times a day. Murano was facing challenges in various features along with CRM Migration. Its primary need was to eliminate dependency on external factors.


Rolustech quickly put its certified CRM developers to work and found inaccuracies in Murano’s back-end system, resulting in performance issues. Taking those issues out of the way, Rolustech proposed a variety of customization such as Custom reports, views, email functionalities, and modules. One of the most important CRM integrations carried out was that of Google Charts to improve reporting functions. An upgrade to Sugar 8.0 was also implemented along with multiple new functions that automated client addition and deletion from the system. With respect to the Portal needs, Rolustech implemented a portal that fetched information from SugarCRM. It showed daily, weekly, and monthly stats along with graphs for better analysis.


Murano Connect was highly satisfied with the solution provided by Rolustech. The CRM modifications and automations exponentially increased productivity and the Portal implementation ensured that Murano’s dependencies were long gone. In light of this successful correspondence, a support contract was signed and Rolustech continues to provide support to Murano regarding their CRM.

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