Wanaka Helicopters

Wanaka Helicopters is a family owned and directed flight training school and commercial helicopter operator conducting scenic, commercial, charter, and training flights year round. It has established itself as New Zealand’s premier and most experienced helicopter flight training school, operating in Wanaka since 1992. Wanaka Helicopters is based in Wanaka Airport and provides highly experienced pilots.


Wanaka Helicopters contacted Rolustech to springboard its operations into the 21st century with the help of a CRM platform to optimize, streamline, and organize its operations. Wanaka Helicopters was presently using excel sheets to maintain all of its flight and training records which was completely incapable and inefficient in meeting its business requirements. It was also looking for CRM customization to cater to its exact needs. Wanaka Helicopters needed to manage its student enrollment and synchronize it with its courses to ensure the student is connected to the right course in an automated manner. It also needed to manage trainee courses and required extensive reporting functionalities.


Rolustech quickly went to work on the three key areas highlighted by Wanaka Helicopters

  • Course Allocation Management
  • Automation
  • Reporting

Our certified CRM developers provided a number of custom reports to meet the needs of the client. These custom reports were capable of providing the very functionality desired by Wanaka Helicopters that would give it a holistic view of its business operations. Rolustech also provided a custom functionality that ensured the expiry of courses at a predesignated time.


The solution proved immensely rewarding for the client. After implementing the solution, Wanaka Helicopters was able to manage its course allocation properly as well as automate a number of tasks to increase its overall productivity and efficiency. It was able to increase its intake exponentially thanks to the CRM solution provided by Rolustech.

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