Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Education

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Wanaka Helicopters has been operating in New Zealand’s aviation industry since 1992. Wanaka is a flight training school that specializes in providing helicopter training courses. The company also operates as a commercial helicopter service provider. Wanaka Helicopters has established a name for itself and operates out of Wanaka Airport.



Wanaka Helicopters had been using excel sheets and other manual systems to manage its data and business processes. The company felt the need to upgrade to an automated system in order to improve its efficiency and productivity.

Wanaka Helicopters needed a platform that would help it manage its student enrolment and increase the reliability of its course management system. The company needed extensive reporting functionality in order to meet all its requirements.

Our team analyzed all of Wanaka Helicopters’ requirements and devised a comprehensive solution for the company. In order to fulfill its requirements, we chose a CRM platform for the company and proposed a series of customizations for it. Our team proposed the following CRM customizations for the company:

  • The addition of a course allocation system
  • Customizations focused on automating Wakana’s workflows
  • A reporting system that allowed the company to produce results and documents that could be shared with its students

Our certified developers implemented the proposed customizations, increasing the overall functionality of the platform to a great degree. The customizations helped mold the business according to Wakana’s business model.



The solution that we planned and implemented for Wakana Helicopters helped the company improve its business processes. The client was thoroughly satisfied with our assistance. The customized CRM that we provided Wakana Helicopters helped the company increase its efficiency and improve the way it handled its business processes.

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