Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Medical Services


SunMed International operates in the pharmaceutical industry as an expense manager for healthcare payers. The company has worked with several organizations in its tenure and has made a name for itself. SunMed is known for providing clients with access to one of the most expansive healthcare networks worldwide.


The company was in need of CRM customization in order to improve its workflow. SunMed International was already familiar with incorporating technology into its business processes. The company felt the need to mold its CRM platform to better suit its operations.

SunMed needed functionality that would enhance its ability to handle documents and files. It also needed a feature that would automatically assign relevant cases to the right users. Before reaching out to Rolustech, SunMed has been handling case assignment and document management on its own.

SunMed needed customization that would increase the functionality of its existing CRM platform. Our team noted down all of SunMed’s requirements and then analyzed its existing processes. Based on our findings, we drafted a proposal for SunMed.

We deployed the following customizations:

  • We created custom modules for case automation
  • Custom color coding for a better user experience
  • Integration with third-party apps being used by SunMed
  • Implementation of our custom plugins: DocuSign and RT SalesMap

All of these customizations focused on improving the usability of SunMed’s CRM platform.

CRM Customization

Our team developed and deployed several customizations for SunMed International. The most significant customizations included the deployment of custom modules that automated the way SunMed handled its case management. A custom color-coding feature was added as well that allowed SunMed to manage its workflows in an efficient manner.

We also customized the platform’s theme in order to align it with SunMed’s brand identity. All of these CRM customizations helped mold SunMed’s CRM platform into a bespoke solution for its business.

CRM Integration

SunMed International was already using a number of applications to manage its operations. Our team integrated all these apps with SunMed’s CRM platform in order to provide the company with a cohesive software solution. Along with several CRM integrations, we also provided SunMed with our own CRM plugins.

RT DocuSign

RT DocuSign is a CRM plugin designed and developed by Rolustech’s in-house team. This plugin adds advanced document management features to an existing CRM platform. RT DocuSign helps users track, sign, and manage their documents in a highly intuitive manner. The features that DocuSign was offering were all required by SunMed. We tweaked the plugin and integrated it with SunMed’s CRM platform.

RT SalesMap

RT Salesmap adds geographic visualization functionality to CRM platforms. This custom plugin was designed and developed by Rolustech as well. It allows users to view records on Google Maps. This visualization lets them gain valuable insights into where their clients are located. RT SalesMap’s functionality helped SunMed improve its ability to cater to clients.



The customizations and integrations that our team developed and implemented for SunMed International helped the company enhance its operations. The company was quite satisfied with our services and was able to improve the way it conducted its business.

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