SunMed International

SunMed International manages medical expenses for International HealthCare Payers and has served a number of organizations. Since its creation, SunMed International has exceeded client expectations by utilizing its knowledgeable team and constant use of technological solutions. SunMed International provides its clients with access to the largest healthcare networks in the United States and Worldwide with a multilingual support setup.


SunMed International was looking for CRM customization that could manage all of its client requests and communications with the customers. Its requirements highlighted how the solution should be capable of handling documents and files. SunMed needed to streamline its processes with the help of a CRM that could auto-assign cases to users based on requirements; this auto-assignment needed to be color-coded to make it easier to search, retrieve, and monitor cases during the course of their resolution. Before reaching out, SunMed’s manual approach was leading it towards difficulties in managing user requests, user data, and data status.


Rolustech provided SunMed International with a CRM solution that could automate most of its tasks and processes. Rolustech created custom modules so that cases are automatically related to incoming emails. Custom color coding was implemented to differentiate between the status of different cases currently underway. Numerous CRM integrations were also implemented including DocuSign and RT SalesMap. Custom workflows and group email functionality were also added to further optimize SunMed’s operations.


With the help of the solution provided by Rolustech, SunMed International was able to considerably improve its operations and easily automate repetitive tasks. Custom modules made it easier to log and categorize cases and the color-coding functionality greatly improved customer support operations as users could easily track various cases based on color.
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