Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Marketing Industry

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OMVE has been operating in the retail industry since 1993. The company deals in manufacturing and supplying small-scale processing equipment for laboratories. Along with a variety of equipment the company also offers in-house expertise to its clients.

OMVE has established a reputation over the years by providing customers with customized solutions.


OMVE was in the market for a completely customized CRM solution. The company wasn’t using any CRM platform, meaning they needed a solution from scratch. The company got in touch with us and shared its requirements. It needed a solution that would automate its manual data management. OMVE also required features that would improve its lead management, quote creation, and contacts management.

Our team took all of OMVE’s requirements into account and devised a comprehensive solution for the company. We helped OMVE pick a CRM platform and then proposed a number of advanced customizations and integrations for it.

Here’s an overview of what we proposed:

  • Customization of leads, opportunity, and quote creation modules
  • The addition of a contacts management system
  • Integration with a number of third-party apps
  • A cross-platform email logging functionality

All these customizations and integrations helped increase the functionality of OMVE’s CRM platform.

CRM Customization

Our team customized several modules of the CRM platform that OMVE picked. These customizations helped mold the platform according to the business. We also added a contact management system that automated OMVE’s workflows. It also enabled the company to differentiate between new and returning customers easily.

Along with these CRM customizations, we also integrated OMVE’s platform with third-party apps.

CRM Integration

We also integrated OMVE’s platform with a number of third-party apps. These integrations further enhanced the functionality of OMVE’s CRM solution. Our CRM integrations introduced features such as cross-platform email logging and tracking.



The new and fully customized CRM platform that we provided OMVE left the company impressed. Our solution addressed all of OMVE’s pain points and helped the company improve its productivity. We continue to provide OMVE with CRM support.

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