Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Marketing Firm

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GMS Leads operates in the marketing industry, helping GDPR generate leads. GMS uses a combination of inbound and outbound marketing techniques to produce quality leads for its clients. The company’s qualitative approach to lead generation ensures that its clients always end up with leads that they can turn into lasting customers.


GMS Leads was already using a CRM platform to manage its business processes. GMS reached out to Rolustech with the need for customizing and integrating its existing CRM platform. The company also needed to migrate its server in order to expand its current CRM capabilities.

GMS Leads had a number of complex requirements, all of which focused on expanding the functionality of its existing CRM platform.

Our team went through all of GMS Leads’ requirements and analyzed their business model. After becoming familiar with GMS’s processes, we came up with a comprehensive solution. Our team proposed the following solution:

  • Assist GMS Leads to select the ideal hosting solution and migrate to it
  • Customize GMS Leads’ existing CRM platform
  • Integrate the company’s existing platform with third-party applications
  • Integrate GMS’s platform with RT-Mautic Connect

Server Migration

GMS Leads needed to migrate to a more reliable and scalable hosting solution. Our team proposed that GMS should migrate to AWS hosting since it offers superb scalability.

Our team assisted GMS Leads in migrating all of its data to its new server safely. We devised a solution that enabled GMS to migrate over 100 million records in a safe and secure manner.

CRM Customization and Integration

Our team proposed a number of customizations for GMS’s CRM platform. These customizations focused on increasing the functionality of its platform and also enhance its aesthetics. We developed custom reports, customized the platform’s workflows, and tasks as well. Our team also customized the platform’s theme to improve its aesthetics. Along with CRM customization, we also integrated GMS’s platform with third-party apps.

We proposed a number of CRM integrations that connected GMS Leads platform with several third-party applications. These integrations helped create a seamless software environment for the entire company.

RT Mautic Connect

RT Mautic Connect is an in-house plugin developed by our team. Rolustech designed this custom plugin to provide people with automated lead generation capabilities. The features that RT Mautic Connect offered were ideal for automating GMS Leads workflows. We integrated our plugin with the company’s existing CRM platform.

RT Mautic Connect introduced the following functionalities to GMS Leads platform:

  • Two-way synchronization for tracking multiple marketing reports between different marketing platforms
  • Automation features for streamlining various marketing-related activities
  • Generating all kinds of marketing reports for gaining insight on marketing results



The comprehensive solution that we designed and deployed for GMS Leads left the company thoroughly satisfied. We addressed all of their pain points and delivered the project within an agreed-upon time frame. GMS Leads was left with a highly capable platform that supercharged its business efforts. GMS Leads continues to stay in touch with Rolustech for ongoing maintenance and support.

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