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GMS Leads was purpose created to respond to the exacting needs of GDPR for lead generation. Their whole approach is to be inbound consent driven with additional outbound telephone qualification of this consent and the information given. This leaves their customers and the lead in no doubt as to who you are working with and that there is a clear intent to proceed with the installation. GMS Leads has first-class expertise in Digital Marketing as well as website portal designs.


GMS Leads was in need of a server migration along with numerous CRM integrations and customization to their CRM. Shared server is a problem faced by many organizations and due to the limited scope in its applications and lack of scalability, it can quickly hinder progress. Besides a complete server migration, their CRM was not catering to their needs and a few tweaks here and there could help them maximize their CRM’s potential. It was evident that a comprehensive solution pertaining to these demands was the need of the hour.


Server Migration was the primary service provided since it was requested. Once the Server Migration was complete, Rolustech went about implementing various CRM customization i.e. theme customization, workflow customization, and task customization. Custom reports were also provided as part of the solution. GMS was in need of access controls that would help define privileges and so were provided with accordingly. Automation to various tasks was also implemented i.e. what automated email is sent to a lead depending upon source and status. Time-based automation features i.e. follow-up email functionality was also incorporated simultaneously. Apart of these, there were numerous bug fixes that needed attention.


GMS Leads was delighted with the solution provided by Rolustech. The implementation of all necessary solutions in a timely manner within the timeframe of the project received praise. Server Migration and all subsequent customization was completed in a coherent and seamless manner to help GMS hit the ground running. A support contract was signed and Rolustech has helped GMS with various CRM support tasks.

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