PitchPoint Solutions

PitchPoint Solutions is a national provider of comprehensive fraud detection and verification services for multiple industries, including mortgage, background/tenant screening, and anti-money laundering. With more than a decade of experience in customizable risk evaluation technology and processing, PitchPoint Solutions’ heuristic/rule-based data collation, analysis and Expert Services stamp out 99% of fraud alerts while eliminating 100% of lost underwriting time.


Peter contacted Rolustech about automation of processes through a CRM platform. PitchPoint was in need of a system that would allow it to manage all of its data in a digital manner. Presently, PitchPoint was employing a manual system which was both time-consuming and inaccurate. Its business processes were severely hindered through this obsolete approach and were in need of a comprehensive solution that would target business automation and workflow management. PitchPoint also needs access modifications to categorize access protocols based on authorization levels of its personnel. Rolustech conducted multiple consultation sessions with PitchPoint Solutions to properly understand the needs of its business to eventually provide a CRM solution.


After thoroughly understanding the requirements of PitchPoint Solutions, Rolustech presented a comprehensive solution that targeted all of its needs individually and collectively. Beginning with a complete migration, Rolustech also implemented custom fields and modules for its business needs. Automated Rules and Triggers were implemented to the pipeline to drive the customer journey as well as sort out lists and applications. Apart from this, Rolustech also implemented workflow automation and business process optimization. The following CRM integrations, customization, and plugins were also added:

  • CRM Migration
  • DocuSign
  • Email Plugins
  • Multi-Upload Document Plugin
  • Out-of-the-box Reports and Workflows
  • Custom Modules (Lender, Form, Company etc)


Rolustech successfully implemented all of the solutions in a timely manner within the prescribed time frame for the project. The automated processes along with CRM Customization and Integrations added a breath of fresh air to PitchPoint’s operations and streamlined its business operations. PitchPoint was thoroughly satisfied with Rolustech and signed a support contract and has collaborated further ever since.

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