Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for PitchPoint Solutions

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PitchPoint Solutions offers financial services revolving around fraud detection and verification. Over the years, PitchPoint has made a name for itself in the investment and financial industry. The company has worked with clients from various industries and has more than a decade of experience.


PitchPoint’s work revolved around managing a lot of data from multiple sources. The company had been using a manual system to maintain its data and was beginning to feel the need to switch to something better. PitchPoint reached out to Rolustech with the request for a data management solution that would automate its workflows.

The company needed a CRM platform that would improve its ability to handle data across the board. It needed a solution that would introduce automation and workflow management as well. Along with this, PitchPoint was also in need of certain security and authorization features.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of PitchPoint’s requirements and business model to develop a solution. In order to meet the company’s requirements, we picked a CRM solution for it and then helped the company migrate from its existing system to the new platform. We then proposed further improvements for the new CRM platform:

  • Various customizations to mold the CRM accord to PitchPoint’s business needs
  • Integration with various third-party applications
  • Integration with our custom plugin: DocuSign

Once the CRM migration process was completed, our team began deploying all the proposed solutions.

CRM Customization

By default, the CRM platform we picked for PitchPoint offered limited functionality. In order to bring it up to par with the company’s expectations, we introduced a number of new features. We developed custom fields and modules and expanded upon the existing workflow system of the platform.

We also developed custom reports and other miscellaneous CRM customizations as well.

CRM Integration

The platform that we customized for PitchPoint also needed to be integrated with other apps. Our team used various APIs to connect the platform with other apps. The CRM integration that we implemented helped expand the functionality and usability of PitchPoint’s CRM solution.

Integration with DocuSign

DocuSign is a custom plugin developed by Rolustech. The plugin adds document management, tracking, and signing features to CRM platforms. Our team implemented DocuSign for PitchPoint since its features addressed a number of requirements laid out by the company.



The solution that we designed and implemented for PitchPoint Solutions addressed all of its needs. The company was thoroughly satisfied with our work and enjoyed a noticeable improvement in the way it handled its operations.

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