Cirravox is a powerful, flexible & fully-supported contact center, hosted in the cloud.
Built for thriving businesses that need a reliable phone system with IVR, virtual PBX and live answering service capabilities, they provide telephony solutions to businesses of all kinds.


Trent contacted Rolustech about difficulties in implementing certain CRM customizations. Cirravox were in need of a complete billing system that would integrate with their existing platform as well as the CRM. Their existing billing system was a back-end solution and now required a front-end UI for it. Their existing subscription process also needed to be integrated with the CRM. Multiple consultation sessions were conducted between Cirravox and Rolustech to properly map out what kind of customizations and implementation approaches would be required.


Following these sessions, Rolustech was able to devise a holistic solution that catered to each requirement. Rolustech proposed numerous view level customizations and process automations i.e. custom fields and email automation. The existing billing process was a legacy system and was consequently integrated with their CRM to add necessary scalability and room for more data. Invoices, Subscriptions and Payments were all integrated with their CRM and customized reports were added. An integration between their subscription system and their CRM was also added so users could see all the subscription details i.e. status, payment, recurring subscriptions inside their CRM.


Rolustech successfully managed to carry out all the tasks within the designated time. The integrations and customizations made it easier for Cirravox to carry out their operations. The assistance provided by Rolustech thoroughly convinced Cirravox to sign a support contract to leave the door open for future collaborations.

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