Case Study: Customized CRM for Financial Services Industry

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Cirravox operates in the telecommunications industry, offering a variety of cloud-based telecom services. The company follows a B2B model, providing businesses with IVR and virtual PB phone systems.


Cirravox was already using a CRM platform, however, the company was having a hard time customizing its CRM to meet all of its needs. The company wanted to develop a front-end UI for its existing billing system and also wanted to integrate it with its CRM platform.

Cirravox required a customized CRM that fit all of its business needs. In order to deliver such a solution, our team held multiple meetings with Cirravox.

Rolustech spent time familiarizing itself with Cirravox’s business requirements before devising a solution. Once we had gained enough insight into what Cirravox required, we began developing a comprehensive solution for the company.

Our team proposed a number of customizations for Cirravox’s system. We worked on the platform’s view level and process automation systems. Our team developed custom fields and email automation as well.

We also integrated Cirravox’s billing system with its CRM platform. This helped create a holistic platform for the company.



Cirravox was quite impressed with the solution that we provided the company. The integrations and customizations we deployed transformed Cirravox’s CRM into a unique platform that fulfilled the company’s business needs. Cirravox continues to reach out to Rolustech for CRM support and maintenance.

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