Mixtape Ventures

Mixtape Ventures is a company with unique products in the hardware industry. The management has extensive experience in hardware manufacturing and serve as an outlet for gaskets.


Dave Brautigan and his organization were in need of a solution that would streamline and optimize their sales. The organization was in contact with numerous vendors and wanted a comprehensive process that would organize its interactions with these vendors as well as the customers. Mixtape Ventures was in need of an inbound/outbound call functionality as well as certain SugarCRM customization.


Rolustech provided numerous solutions that included Telephony integration as well as those targeted towards faster usability. The solution included extensive module customization, field level customization and various SugarCRM integrations. One stand-out feature was the ability to categorize numerous phone numbers under a single account. The standard feature only allowed the inclusion of three contacts. Rolustech customized to allow countless inclusions through a multi-phone widget. 8/8 Integration was also implemented to further optimize operations.


The client was highly pleased with Rolustech and expressed delight over how efficiently the entire project was carried out under its control. The project was completed in less than 2 months despite the numerous tasks, customization and integrations that went into it. The client signed a Support Contract with Rolustech and has been actively collaborating ever since.

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