Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Supply & Logistics

Mixtape venture

Mixtape Ventures operates in the hardware industry and offers a range of unique products. The company is experienced in hardware manufacturing and also acts as an outlet for hardware components.


Mixtape Ventures was in the market for a comprehensive solution that would streamline its sales process. It required a CRM platform that would help the company manage its vendors and customers in a more efficient manner. The company also wanted to add a better call managing feature in its CRM platform.

Mixtape’s requirements could not be fulfilled without customizing its CRM platform.

Mixtape Venture’s needs were assessed by our team before drafting a proposal. Our team carefully analyzed the company’s needs and proposed the following solution:

  • Extensive CRM customization
  • CRM integration with third-party apps
  • Implementation of RT Telephony Plugin

Once Mixtape Venture gave us the green light, we began developing the agreed-upon solution.

CRM Customization

MixTape’s CRM platform underwent extensive customization. Our team developed new fields, altered existing ones, and customized several existing modules that were part of the platform. All of these CRM customizations helped mold the platform according to Mixtape’s business needs.

CRM Integration

Mixtape wanted extended functionality from its CRM platform. In order to achieve this, our team integrated its CRM with several third-party applications. This CRM integration helped streamline Mixtape’s overall sales processes and also increased the cohesiveness of its software solution.

RT Telephony

Mixtape’s need for an inbound/outbound call management system was fulfilled with Rolustech’s custom plugin: RT Telephony. RT Telephony introduces enhanced call management features in CRM platforms. Our team integrated Mixtape’s CRM with RT Telephony and added the following features:

  • Click to call functionality that allows users to call customers without having to leave the CRM platform
  • A built-in SMS management system
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for automated call handling
  • A call recording feature that lets users keep logs of all calls made through the platform

RT Telephony’s features increased the functionality of Mixtape’s platform to a great degree.



Mixtape Venture was impressed by the comprehensive solution that we delivered on time. The company noticed a significant improvement in how it was able to manage its business operations. Mixtape Ventures continues to reach out to Rolustech for maintenance and support.

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