Netstar is a customer-centric organization focused on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers by providing across the board services. These services include auditing company bills and contracts, validating bills against contracted rates, obtaining billing credits and refunds, and managing telecom procurement projects. Netstar’s commitment and focus to its services ensure tremendous savings on the part of its clients. Netstar currently serves businesses throughout the US.


Bryan Weingarten from Netstar approached Rolustech regarding telecommunication operations in 2014. Netstar was in need of a comprehensive solution that would help organize and consolidate its extensive customer data. Customer data has immense potential for organizations and Netstar felt its current system was incapable of analyzing that data. Furthermore, it desired different custom modules including services, customers, reporting, forecasting, etc. to keep track of its business.

Rolustech realized that Netstar was basically looking to make sense of all its data in order to pinpoint trends that increased revenue. Moreover, the interpretation of this data would also equip the sales team with valuable insights. Netstar was managing its operations through Excel and was in need of a proper CRM solution.


Rolustech quickly went to work and presented Netstar with the following solutions:

  • RT Telephony: Integration of various communication channels. RT Telephony makes communications on a large scale easier and organized.
  • Module Customization: Organized data. Certain automated steps were added that adjusted the modules depending upon the customer’s status.
  • Google Charts Integration: Google charts were integrated which provided an option to view data through charts for easier interpretation. This added a new dimension of customization.
  • Extensive UI Customization: The UI was customized according to Netstar’s needs, resulting in a comprehensive industry solution that streamlined and optimized Netstar operations.


The solution provided by Rolustech was just what Netstar needed. The telephony integration took care of all communication-related setbacks. The UI customization added hierarchy and organized workflows. Charts and reports made analyzing trends a walk in the park. Consequently, Netstar has seen a huge increase in its profits. Forecasting revenue and trends has allowed it to take a proactive approach and stay a step ahead. Rolustech’s dedication and priority towards Netstar resulted in a support contract and further collaborations. Presently, Rolustech has dedicated resources working on Netstar projects for the last couple of years.

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