SuiteCRM Data Migration

The importance of data in today’s day and age cannot be understated. Whether you recently moved on to SuiteCRM or want to transfer data from or to SuiteCRM, it is very important that you do it through a proper data migration process. Our SuiteCRM experts understand that data migration is more than picking and dropping data from one platform to another. Using the best ETL tools and understanding your previous and new platforms, our SuiteCRM team ensures that everything is mapped on to the destination properly.


Data migration is much more than just the movement of data from one system to another. Data is vital for your CRM. You must realize that losing data today can potentially result in revenue loss in the future. We at Rolustech, understand this and do everything in our power to preserve the sanctity and integrity of your data when you are migrating to a new CRM.

CRM data migration is a complex process that is often required by organizations. We have successfully migrated several of our clients from other CRMs to SuiteCRM. Our vast experience has allowed us to fully comprehend the challenges that come with CRM migration. We know how crucial it is to understand the complexity of the data you are trying to migrate and the limitations imposed by your source and destination CRM. Therefore, we thoroughly assess your data, processes and existing system and devise a comprehensive data migration strategy.

Whether you are shifting to SuiteCRM from another CRM system or adopting SuiteCRM as your first ever CRM experience, data migration is where it all starts. We ensure that all your data is migrated to your SuiteCRM safely and securely, enabling you to carry out your organizational processes without any delay. Our CRM experts have the ability to migrate data from old legacy systems and modern sophisticated CRM systems and also replicate all CustomizationIntegration, and Workflows to your new SuiteCRM instance. We make sure that there is no post-migration cleanup required.

suitecrm data migration
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Why migrate to SuiteCRM?

SuiteCRM is a free open source CRM. It is highly customize-able, involves no hidden licensing costs, and can be downloaded as many times by as many users. This means it is highly flexible and scale-able and an ideal choice for small businesses and large enterprises.

SuiteCRM emerged on the CRM scene back in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. It has been downloaded over 500,000 times since its original release, helping  businesses from various industry verticals to drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction along the way. SuiteCRM has been the recipient for the BOSSIE Award 2015 and BOSSIE Award 2016 for the world’s best open-source CRM. It is available for free and has been downloaded over 500,000 times since its original release.

Our Data Migration expertise

Over the years, we have successfully and seamlessly migrated data from various platforms to SuiteCRM. We have migrated data to SuiteCRM from various popular platforms including:

  • Excel sheets to SuiteCRM
  • Salesforce to SuiteCRM
  • SugarCRM to SuiteCRM
  • Vtiger to SuiteCRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics to SuiteCRM
  • Zoho to SuiteCRM
  • Act! to SuiteCRM
  • Insightly to SuiteCRM
suitecrm data migration expertise
suitecrm data migration process

Our Data Migration process

We use the best Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools to ensure a seamless, secure and swift CRM migration for all our users. Our SuiteCRM experts make sure that your extracted data is properly mapped onto the destination CRM while preserving the sanctity and integrity of your data and maintaining the highest standards of data security.

Here’s a brief overview of the steps we take to ensure this:

  • Field mapping: Ensuring that the data is relayed to identical fields in the new CRM.
  • Relationship mapping: Similarly to fields, the relationships of fields with other objects is also maintained and replicated in to the new system.
  • Deduplication: Data deduplication is a process that eliminates redundant copies of data and reduces storage overhead. During migration, deduplication is carried out in order to to make the new CRM a pleasure to work on.
  • Seamless Migration: The actual migration is done using the latest ETL tools.
  • Data security: Being ISO 27001 certified, our team carries out the process complying with international standards of data security
  • Data integrity: Data integrity; its accuracy and consistency, is a top priority for us during the migration process after which we deliver the updated CRM for your users.

We’re here to help!

If you are planning to switch to SuiteCRM and want the data migration experience to be completely hassle free and devoid of any fear of loss of critical functions, our SuiteCRM experts will be more than happy to take care of it for you!
Our team employs best practices and leverages cutting edge technology to ensure the data migration process is swift and effortless. We have complete command over the Pentaho ETL tool. So whether you have your data in an Excel sheet or any online database, with the Pentaho ETL tool we ensure that you’re in good hands.

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