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Monday Integrations

Being in the 21st century means change exists and with that, we change, but there is one thing that remains the same: people’s love for good project management software. Gone are the days where people search effortlessly for a tool that does not let them accomplish as much as they had planned. In fact, it is not too late to move on from the thoughts of doubting growth just because of the complexities it may bring along. It’s time to make project management an essential part of your life because messy spreadsheets and badly handwritten notes are not going to cut it. This is where comes in, helping you stay productive and keep everything streamlined. is an award-winning collaboration tool opted by many management teams. The most outstanding feature for companies is being able to link integrations into their software for better results. So, what are these integrations, and what is all the noise about? Well, we did the breakdown, and here we have for you the top 5 useful Monday integrations that are a must for every business.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Monday Slack Integration

Slack is the most used communication tool used by management teams. Why? The answer is simple, it makes their life easier. Employees tend to face the issue of missing important notifications due to an overload of messages in their inbox or maybe due to the fact that they have to check various social media platforms in order to stay updated. With Monday slack integration all it takes is one message on a slack channel to make sure everyone on the other end receives it. So, communicating any changes in dates, new tasks, task updates or status changes will no longer be a worry. This makes sure the right message is sent to the right people at the right time and what’s better is that it removes the need for any meetings to take place as all has already been conveyed.

2. Monday Email Integration

Email integration allows you to keep on top of your to-do list by automatically creating, updating, and organizing them on Monday. Com. Sending and receiving emails may sound like an easy task to do but it gets way more complicated when you have another hundred things on hand.  Monday email integration helps you align all of your team members to make sure you all stay up to date and connected 24/7.  Any changes, updates, or additional information you want to convey can now be done through this integration without you having to enter and send everything to each individual manually.  It’s really that simple! All you have to do is set Monday email integration to do what you want and let it do the rest of the work for you. Saving you hours of time to do other important things.

3. Asana Monday Integration

Asana is a project management software system that allows teams to bring their tasks into the latter rather than having to copy-paste them on allowing them to focus on more important tasks. What makes it more popular is that it was one of the first completely cloud-based PM programs offering features for task management, portfolio management, progress visualization, collaboration, document management, and many more. Let’s look at the first 3 features Asana Monday integration stacks upon in more detail. To begin with, task management is made easier. Using Asana, you can create tasks and allocate them to team members with respective deadlines and important notes. Once employees click on their assigned task they can see it in more detail and also attach documents for collaboration. Secondly, portfolio management is made more systematic. Not only are you able to look at the bigger picture of things and see how your work is contributing to the whole aim of the company but it also makes sure you do not miss out on any tasks when you have a great workload on your head. Finally, progress visualization is another important aspect. Would you like to make work for your team more transparent? Well, then Asana is what you’re looking for. It helps you visualize task progress over multiple ways like calendars, lists, Gantt charts.  In the end, it’s fair to say that Asana integration is a powerful tool and many teams’ productivity has increased ever since they have opted for it.

4. Monday Jira Integration

Jira is a software tool primarily used for project management, bug tracking, and issue tracking. Being a work management tool means Jira helps keep track of projects in multiple phases including planning, building and finally launching them. Integrating Jira into brings about various benefits from strengthening communication amongst employees to improving workplace efficiency, from sharing data between two platforms to creating a separate dashlet to keep track of the overall progress made. All this, in turn, allows a business to maximize revenue and enhance customer retention. With so much to benefit from Monday’s integration with Jira, it is safe to say that it is one of the most top integrations out there.

5. Teams Monday Integration

Team integration means you can connect your Monday.Com boards to your desired Microsoft team’s channels, view them as tabs and also receive notifications from your preferred boards. This integration makes work within teams more systematic where you can add any board you want to work on and then manage all of its future projects and processes. Secondly, it allows you to search for relevant boards from within team chats and share them with all members to make sure everyone is on the same page. Finally, it makes creating new items very simple where any changes can be made, sending automatic notifications from your boards directly into your Microsoft teams. 

From project management to increased efficiency

We can say that the sole purpose of a project management tool is not just being a project management tool. The fact that a variety of integrations can enhance efficiency and increase productivity sounds too good to be true. But good things do exist, so do not think this is all just a dream. With Monday’s integrations, you can make updates and convey them with the click of a button, create and implement plans, track the statuses and performance on these tasks and make sure your company is doing good and going big!

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